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Farrar Corporation is an American iron foundry and machining company.

About Farrar Corporation[edit]

The Farrar Corporation has two locations: a ductile iron foundry and machining facility in Norwich, Kansas and a second machining facility in Manhattan, Kansas. Farrar has been in operation since 1931 and specializes in machined ductile iron castings and assemblies. The foundry's capabilities include casting design and technical assistance, casting pattern design, casting production, heat treating, casting painting and assembly as well as finish machining. Farrar is an ISO 9001:2000 quality certified company.

Ductile Iron Foundry[edit]

The Farrar Corporation has poured all grades of ASTM A536 Ductile Iron since 1967 and specializes in castings of 2 lbs - 70 lbs in production runs of 100-100,000.[1] Farrar is unique[neutrality is disputed] in that its foundry is a nationally recognized producer of the highest quality Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI)- iron that meets or exceeds the strength of steel.

The foundry is located in Norwich, Kansas with an adjoining machine shop that can provide its customers with turn-key casting solutions. The foundry frequently provides prototypes for customers' ductile iron castings that can help identify design flaws and weaknesses before that casting run is put into production. This unique[neutrality is disputed] ability allows Farrar to conserve resources and save its customers from making costly mistakes.

The plant is capable of handling 70 tons of melt per day with an anticipated expansion to 120 tons[original research?].

Ductile Iron Specifications[edit]

Ductile iron is an economical alternative to steel due to its increased strength, improved performance and reduced cost. Below is a chart of the foundry's ductile (nodular) iron specifications:

Specifying Body (¹) Spec No. (²) Use Class or Grade Min.Tensile psi (¹³) Min., Yield psi (14)  % Elongation Heat Treatment Other Requirements
ASTM A536-84 Shock resistance at low temperatures 60-40-18 60,000 40,000 18 May require a full Anneal Chemical composition is subordinate to mechanical properties; however, the content of any chemical element may be specified by mutual agreement.
    Most commonly used grade. 65-45-12 65,000 45,000 12    
    Suitable for flame and induction hardening. 80-55-06 80,000 55,000 6    
    For strength and wear resistance. 100-70-03 100,000 70,000 3 Quench Temper  
    Maximum strength and wear resistance. 120-90-02 120,000 90,000 2 Usually Quenched  
    Special Applications 60-42-10
ASTM A395-88 Pressure containing parts for use at elevated temperatures. 60-40-18 60,000 (15) 40,000 18 Ferritized by annealing  %TC, %Si, %P, %S, %C.E.(19), BHN
ASME SA395 Pressure containing parts for use at elevated temperatures           Min, Max, 3.0, 2.50, 0.08, 143, 187 </tbody>

Ductile Iron Machining Facilities[edit]

The Farrar Corporation's machine shop specializes in CNC turning, CNC milling, drilling, broaching and gear cutting.[2] With facilities in Norwich and Manhattan, Kansas, Farrar has the flexibility and capacity that few other foundries can offer[neutrality is disputed]. Farrar has been providing fully machined castings since 1950's and have developed processes that maximize their efficiency and minimize customer costs.


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