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Farrow Ltd.
Russel A. Farrow Limited
IndustryCustoms Brokerage
International Trade
PredecessorFarrow Group
Russell A. Farrow
FounderRussell Alexander Farrow
Headquarters2001 Huron Church Road
Windsor, Ontario
N9C 2L6
Area served
ServicesCustoms brokerage
Customs and Trade Consulting
Freight Forwarding
Trade Compliance Software
Logistics Outsourcing
Number of employees

Farrow Ltd., previously known as "Russell A. Farrow Ltd.",[1] is the largest independently owned customs brokerage in Canada.[2] Established in 1911, Farrow now has over 43 offices and warehousing locations throughout Canada and the US.[3] The firm is a fully integrated customs brokerage and logistics provider specializing in Canadian and US customs clearance, international freight forwarding, small parcel handling, express services and international trade consulting.[4]

Foundation, Growth and Acquisitions[edit]

R.A. Farrow Custom Brokers, founded in 1911 by Russell Alexander Farrow, transported goods on ferry boats between Canada and the USA. Russell A. Farrow’s father, Robinson R. Farrow, was the Commissioner of Canadian Customs.[5]

Russell A. Farrow participated in the founding of the Dominion Chartered Custom House Brokers Association (DCCHBA),[6] also known as the predecessor organization to the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers.[7]

After Russell A. Farrow's death in 1949, the company was passed down to his wife, Alice M. Farrow, and then his two sons, Robinson(Bob) R. Farrow and Huntley J. Farrow. Today the company is owned and operated by Richard J. Farrow, who is the son of Huntley J. Farrow. Richard's brother, John Farrow, is also actively involved in the company, serving as Vice Chairman.[1]

Since Farrow’s establishment in 1911, it has made 18 business acquisitions,[8] including the recent acquisitions of D&H International,[9] All Freight International,[9] W.Pickett and Sons,[10] Cavalier [11] and CK Logistics.[12] Farrow acquires National Logistics services in 2015.


Farrow provides customs brokerage, logistics, and international trade services for importers and exporters in the United States and Canada.[13] It offers services such as: customs clearance, entry processing, account management, cross-country coverage, warehousing and distribution, customs consulting, duty recovery programs, compliance verification, and dispute resolution.

The company also provides information management solutions which enables the user to link up electronically with the central databases to keep track of import/export activities. This includes TradeSmart plus, an information management solution that provides account management, database access, reporting, and auditing capabilities.[13]

In addition, it offers door-to-door shipping/LTL, airfreight re-forwarding and delivery, and cross-border courier and warehousing services; and business-to-consumer and business-to-business merchandising services. Further, the company provides forwarding and logistics services, such as inbound/outbound transportation, warehousing and distribution, and project management services, as well as air, surface, and ocean transportation services. It serves its solutions for catalogers and direct marketers.[13]


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