Farrukhzad Khosrow V

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Farrukhzad Khosrau V
Shahanshah of the Sasanian Empire
Reign March 631 – April 631
Predecessor Azarmidokht
Successor Borandukht
Born Ērānshahr
Died April 631
House House of Sasan
Father Khosrau II
Religion Zoroastrianism

Farrukhzad Khosrau V was briefly king of the Sasanian Empire from March 631 to April 631. He was the son of Khosrau II.


Farrukhzad Khosrau V was the son of Khosrau II. Since his father was said to have had a shabestan with over 3,000 concubines,[1] it is not known if one of these concubines was his mother or Khosrau's favorite wife Shirin was. Farrukhzad Khosrau also had many other siblings and half-siblings named Mardanshah, Juvansher, Borandukht, Kavadh II, Shahriyar, and Azarmidokht.

In 628, his father was deposed by the Sasanian nobles in favor of his brother Kavadh II, who executed all of their brothers and half-brothers. However, Farrukhzad Khosrau managed to flee to a fortress near Nisibis where he took refuge.[2] In 631 he was brought to Ctesiphon by a Sasanian noble named Zadhuyih, where he was crowned as king of the Sasanian Empire. One month later, however, he faced a rebellion where he was overthrown and killed.



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Farrukhzad Khosrow V
Preceded by
Great King (Shah) of Eranshahr
March 631 – April 631
Succeeded by