Farsan (food)

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Khandvi, Gujarati snack.jpg
Khandvi, a popular Gujarati snack (Farsan)
Course Snack
Place of origin Gujarat, India
Region or state Gujarat, Maharashtra
Main ingredients Potatoes, gram flour
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Farsāṇ (Gujarati: ફરસાણ, Hindi and Marathi: फरसाण) refers to Gujarati snacks.[1] Farsans are a very important part of Gujarati cuisine, wherein a wide variety of them are prepared on special occasions and to entertain guests, and are also enjoyed with tea.[2] Farsan is also found throughout the rest of India, particularly Maharashtra due to the influx of Gujarati traders in Mumbai.[1]

Some are fried items which are then dried and can be stored, others are fresh or steamed. The following are the main varieties of Farsan:[2][3]


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