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Original author(s)Collabora
Initial release2006; 15 years ago (2006)
Stable release[1] / 10 March 2016; 5 years ago (2016-03-10)
Written inC GLib
Typetelecommunication technology
LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License

Farstream (previously known as Farsight) is an audio/video conferencing framework based on GStreamer. The project provides audio/video conferencing for as many instant messengers as possible through a modular design. Telepathy and Farsight constitute the first implementation of the Jingle XMPP protocol.

The software is open-source, being distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and is intended to run on POSIX-compliant operating systems, including Linux but also Windows and Mac OS X. It is being used for audio/video conferencing on the Nokia 770,[2] N800,[3] N810 and N900. It is also the VoIP framework used by Meego.

Farsight is under development in the Farsight 2 series. The maintainer is Olivier Crête.

Examples of applications using Farstream:


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