Farsunds Avis

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Farsunds Avis logo.jpg
Strandgaten, Farsund
Type Daily newspaper
Format Compact
Owner(s) Fædrelandsvennen AS (86,2 %), Glastad Invest AS (7,7 %), others (6,1 %)[1]
Editor Sveinung W. Jensen
Founded 1889
Political alignment Conservative
Language Norwegian
Headquarters Farsund
Circulation 5,994 (2010)
Website www.favis.no

Farsunds Avis (Farsund's Newspaper) is a local newspaper published in Farsund, Norway. It covers Farsund, Lyngdal and Hægebostad. It was established in 1889.[2]

Farsunds Avis today[edit]

In 2010 it had a circulation of 5,994. The newspaper is published by AS Farsunds Aktiebogtrykkeri, which is mainly owned by Fædrelandsvennen AS.[3]

Sveinung W. Jensen is editor-in-chief. Kjell Henrik Moen is the company's chairman.


According to history, Farsunds Avis was born thanks to a misprint.[4] The radical newspaper Lister reported from a meeting in Farsund held by the Conservative Party of Norway. Officials from the Church were also present, and the newspaper undeliberately named them «presteskrap» instead of «presteskap». The single r changed the meaning completely in Norwegian, from «clergy» to «clergy rubbish».

The people of the upper class in Farsund were fed up and founded their own newspaper on 15 June 1889. Consul P. Sundt was the founding father and Farsunds Avis's first chairman.

In the 1970s Farsunds Avis started offset printing and became a daily newspaper. The newspaper went from broadsheet to compact format 9 March 2002. Farsunds Avis is a conservative, but politically independent newspaper.


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