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Fazin Fakhr Yaseri (Persian: فرزین فخر یاسری‎) (born 1954, Langaroud, Iran) is an Iranian painter, writer and poet. One of his most famous stories is "Wide Eyes of a Dead Dog". He works in a small studio in Langaroud, where the locals know him as Farzin.


Farzin Fakhr Yaseri was born in 1954 in Langaroud (in the province of Gilan), Iran. He grew up in the village of Diarjan in the mountainous Deylaman area of Gilan. His parents were peasants who went bankrupt after 1963. After graduating from high school in 1974, he was admitted into a university to study art but, because of financial difficulties, he could not continue. So he started to study by himself. He also had brief classes with painters from Gilan such as Kasraian and Zaddadash. After ten years of study and imitation, he began to work professionally in 1978. He lives in Langaroud. He has a daughter named Golina and a son named Firooz. His style is surrealism.


Selected one-man shows:

  • Langaroud, Iran: 1983, 1994, 2003, 2005
  • Lahijan, Iran: 1986, 2003, 2007

Selected group shows:


Farzin believes that, besides the painting techniques, the painter should also have a special style to make it possible for him to communicate to people of different cultures. According to Farzin, a painting is the painter's method of communication. Furthermore, a painted should want to enrich the art and culture of his or her society, not just to provide the entertainment and enjoyment. Farzin gives support to the fact that an artistic painting should be so distinctive and so surprising that it would arrest the minds of the viewers. He says that, ultimately, the masterpieces that have been admired throughout history were created with the power of imagination, not the power of observation.


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