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Fascism Today: A World Survey
Fascism Today.jpg
Cover of the 1969 English edition
AuthorsAngelo Del Boca and Mario Giovana
Original titleI "figli del sole"
TranslatorR. H. Boothroyd
PublisherFeltrinelli Editore
Publication date
Media typePrint
Pages532 (Pantheon Books edition)

Fascism Today: A World Survey is a book by historian Angelo Del Boca and Mario Giovana. It is a survey of radical right-wing movements, from the roots of fascism to a present-day (1960s) country-by-country discussion.

It was originally published in Milan, Italy as I "figli del sole" (English: The Children of the Sun) by Feltrinelli Editore in 1965. Translated, from the Italian, by R. H. Boothroyd, it was first published in English, in a 532-page hardcover, by Pantheon Books in 1969. Heinemann in London republished it in 1970.