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This article is about the pornographic film. For other uses, see Fashionista.
The Fashionistas
The Fashionistas DVD Cover Art.jpg
U.S. DVD cover art
Directed by John Stagliano[1]
Produced by John Stagliano, Tricia Devereaux
Written by John Stagliano
Starring Rocco Siffredi, Belladonna, Taylor St. Claire, Chelsea Blue
Music by Javier, John Further, Mistress Minx and DJ Uneasy
Cinematography Don Crane
Edited by John Stagliano
Distributed by Evil Angel Video
Release dates
October 1, 2002
Running time
276 minutes[1]
Country United States
Budget $500,000

The Fashionistas is a 2002 pornographic film directed by John Stagliano and produced by Evil Angel Productions. Shot on 35 mm film, it was a high-budget production (with a budget of about $500,000),[2] with a length of over four and a half hours. The film was a commercial success, selling over 100,000 copies just in its first month of release.[2] In 2003, it set the record for most AVN Award nominations for a single title — 22.[1]

There was also a theatrical dance show based on the film called The Fashionistas Live Show, which won the 'AVN Special Achievement Award' in 2006.[3] The film has had two sequels, Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge and Fashionistas Safado: Berlin, both still directed by Stagliano.[2]


The Fashionistas are an up-and-coming group of fetish fashion designers led by Helena (Taylor St. Claire) and based in the Fashion District of Los Angeles.[1] The group is trying to land a deal with Italian fetish fashion designer Antonio (Rocco Siffredi).[1] Antonio, who recently divorced amid highly publicized rumors of extramarital affairs, arrives in Los Angeles in search of an s/m-influenced house to partner with.[4] In order to grab Antonio's attention, the Fashionistas crash his fashion show.[1] Helena wants Antonio to believe she is the creative force behind the Fashionistas, even though it is actually Jesse (Belladonna), her assistant.[1] Jesse also engages in a triangular relation with Helena and Antonio.[2]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Accolades received by The Fashionistas
Total number of wins and nominations
Totals 34 23
Year Ceremony Result Category Recipient(s)
2003 AFW Award Won Best Film[5] N/A
Won Best Director – Film[5] John Stagliano
Won Best Actress – Film[5] Taylor St. Claire
Won Best Supporting Actress – Film[5] Belladonna
Won Best Sex Scene - Film[5] Taylor St. Claire & Rocco Siffredi
Won Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Film[5] Belladonna & Taylor St. Claire
Won Best Anal Sex Scene - Film[5] Kate Frost & Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Group Sex Scene[5] N/A
AVN Award Won Best Film[6] N/A
Won Best Director – Film[6] John Stagliano
Nominated Best Actor – Film[7] Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Actress – Film[6] Taylor St. Claire
Nominated Best Supporting Actor – Film[7] Manuel Ferrara
Won Best Supporting Actress – Film[6] Belladonna
Nominated Best Supporting Actress – Film[7] Caroline Pierce
Won Best Tease Performance[6] Belladonna
Nominated Best Tease Performance[7] Chelsea Blue, Gia, & Taylor St. Claire
Nominated Best Box Cover Concept[7] N/A
Won Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Film[6] Belladonna & Taylor St. Claire
Won Best Anal Sex Scene - Film[6] Kate Frost & Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Oral Sex Scene - Film[6] Belladonna & Rocco Siffredi
Nominated Best Oral Sex Scene – Film[7] Belladonna, Mark Ashley & Billy Glide
Nominated Best Sex Scene Coupling – Film[7] Caroline Pierce & Manuel Ferrara
Nominated Best Sex Scene Coupling – Film[7] Taylor St. Claire & Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Group Sex Scene - Film[6] Friday, Taylor St. Claire, Sharon Wild & Rocco Siffredi
Nominated Best Screenplay – Film[7] John Stagliano
Nominated Best Art Direction - Film[7] Jim Malibu
Nominated Best Cinematography[7] John Stagliano
Won Best Editing - Film[6] Tricia Devereaux & John Stagliano
Nominated Best Music[7] John Further, Javier, Mistress Minx & DJ Uneasy
Ninfa Award Nominated Best Anal Sequence[8] N/A
Nominated Best Sex Sequence[8] N/A
Nominated Best Script[8] N/A
Won Best Cinematographic Values[8] N/A
Nominated Best Actor[8] Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Actress[8] Belladonna
Nominated Best Director[8] John Stagliano
Nominated Best Film[8] John Stagliano
XRCO Award Won Best Group Sex Scene[9] Friday, Taylor St. Claire, Sharon Wild & Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Actor[9] Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Actress[9] Belladonna
Won Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene[9] Belladonna & Taylor St. Claire
Won Best Male/Female Sex Scene[9] Taylor St. Claire & Rocco Siffredi
Won Film of the Year[9] N/A
Nominated Single Performance, Actress[10] Taylor St. Claire
Nominated Sex Scene of the Year[10] Belladonna & Rocco Siffredi
2004 AFW Award Won Best DVD[11] N/A
AVN Award Won Best DVD[12] N/A
Won Best Renting Title of the Year[12] N/A
Nominated Best DVD Extras[13] N/A
Nominated Best DVD Menus[13] N/A
Nominated Best DVD Packaging[13] N/A
Empire Award Won Best Overall DVD[14] N/A
Won Best Feature DVD[14] N/A
Won Best DVD Audio Quality[14] N/A
XRCO Award Won Best DVD[15] N/A
2013 Won XRCO Hall of Fame[16] N/A


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