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This article is about the pornographic film. For other uses, see Fashionista.
The Fashionistas
Directed by John Stagliano[1]
Running time
276 minutes[1]

The Fashionistas is a 2002 pornographic film directed by John Stagliano and produced by Evil Angel Productions. Shot on 35 mm film, it was a high-budget production (with a budget of about $500,000),[2] with a length of over four and a half hours. The film was a commercial success, selling over 100,000 copies just in its first month of release.[2] In 2003, it set the record for most AVN Award nominations for a single title — 22.[1]

There was also a theatrical dance show based on the film called The Fashionistas Live Show, which won the 'AVN Special Achievement Award' in 2006.[3] The film has had two sequels, Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge and Fashionistas Safado: Berlin, both still directed by Stagliano.[2]


The Fashionistas are an up-and-coming group of fetish fashion designers led by Helena (Taylor St. Claire) and based in the Fashion District of Los Angeles.[1] The group is trying to land a deal with Italian fetish fashion designer Antonio (Rocco Siffredi).[1] Antonio, who recently divorced amid highly publicized rumors of extramarital affairs, arrives in Los Angeles in search of an s/m-influenced house to partner with.[4] In order to grab Antonio's attention, the Fashionistas crash his fashion show.[1] Helena wants Antonio to believe she is the creative force behind the Fashionistas, even though it is actually Jesse (Belladonna), her assistant.[1] Jesse also engages in a triangular relation with Helena and Antonio.[2]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Accolades received by The Fashionistas
Total number of wins and nominations
Totals 34 23
Year Ceremony Result Category Recipient(s)
2003 AFW Award Won Best Film[5] N/A
Won Best Director – Film[5] John Stagliano
Won Best Actress – Film[5] Taylor St. Claire
Won Best Supporting Actress – Film[5] Belladonna
Won Best Sex Scene - Film[5] Taylor St. Claire & Rocco Siffredi
Won Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Film[5] Belladonna & Taylor St. Claire
Won Best Anal Sex Scene - Film[5] Kate Frost & Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Group Sex Scene[5] N/A
AVN Award Won Best Film[6] N/A
Won Best Director – Film[6] John Stagliano
Nominated Best Actor – Film[7] Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Actress – Film[6] Taylor St. Claire
Nominated Best Supporting Actor – Film[7] Manuel Ferrara
Won Best Supporting Actress – Film[6] Belladonna
Nominated Best Supporting Actress – Film[7] Caroline Pierce
Won Best Tease Performance[6] Belladonna
Nominated Best Tease Performance[7] Chelsea Blue, Gia, & Taylor St. Claire
Nominated Best Box Cover Concept[7] N/A
Won Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Film[6] Belladonna & Taylor St. Claire
Won Best Anal Sex Scene - Film[6] Kate Frost & Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Oral Sex Scene - Film[6] Belladonna & Rocco Siffredi
Nominated Best Oral Sex Scene – Film[7] Belladonna, Mark Ashley & Billy Glide
Nominated Best Sex Scene Coupling – Film[7] Caroline Pierce & Manuel Ferrara
Nominated Best Sex Scene Coupling – Film[7] Taylor St. Claire & Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Group Sex Scene - Film[6] Friday, Taylor St. Claire, Sharon Wild & Rocco Siffredi
Nominated Best Screenplay – Film[7] John Stagliano
Nominated Best Art Direction - Film[7] Jim Malibu
Nominated Best Cinematography[7] John Stagliano
Won Best Editing - Film[6] Tricia Devereaux & John Stagliano
Nominated Best Music[7] John Further, Javier, Mistress Minx & DJ Uneasy
Ninfa Award Nominated Best Anal Sequence[8] N/A
Nominated Best Sex Sequence[8] N/A
Nominated Best Script[8] N/A
Won Best Cinematographic Values[8] N/A
Nominated Best Actor[8] Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Actress[8] Belladonna
Nominated Best Director[8] John Stagliano
Nominated Best Film[8] John Stagliano
XRCO Award Won Best Group Sex Scene[9] Friday, Taylor St. Claire, Sharon Wild & Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Actor[9] Rocco Siffredi
Won Best Actress[9] Belladonna
Won Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene[9] Belladonna & Taylor St. Claire
Won Best Male/Female Sex Scene[9] Taylor St. Claire & Rocco Siffredi
Won Film of the Year[9] N/A
Nominated Single Performance, Actress[10] Taylor St. Claire
Nominated Sex Scene of the Year[10] Belladonna & Rocco Siffredi
2004 AFW Award Won Best DVD[11] N/A
AVN Award Won Best DVD[12] N/A
Won Best Renting Title of the Year[12] N/A
Nominated Best DVD Extras[13] N/A
Nominated Best DVD Menus[13] N/A
Nominated Best DVD Packaging[13] N/A
Empire Award Won Best Overall DVD[14] N/A
Won Best Feature DVD[14] N/A
Won Best DVD Audio Quality[14] N/A
XRCO Award Won Best DVD[15] N/A
2013 Won XRCO Hall of Fame[16] N/A


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