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Fasih Bari Khan فصیح باری خان[1] or Faseeh Bari Khan is a television scriptwriter from Pakistan.He was born in Karachi, Pakistan.He also wrote many Lollywood films. He is best known for his work in 7 Din Mohabbat In. In PAkistan television industry he is highly acclaimed for his block buster Drama Qadoosi Saab ki Bewa قدوسی صاب کی بیوہ۔


Khan has written several highly acclaimed yet controversial TV plays for different networks.[2][3] He first rose to fame with the acclaimed Burns Road ki Nilofer.[4] He is best known for Quddusi Sahab ki Bewah which ran for 140 episodes[5][6] His stories are reflective of every day lives of the inner cities of Pakistan and highlight ills of society that are often viewed as controversial.[7] His plays come across as a slice of life, offered up without the garnishing of pretence .[8] his plays are mostly directed by Mazhar Moin, his childhood friend.

Fasih Bari Khan also wrote screenplay for two films 7 Din Mohabbat In and Jeewan Hathi.


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