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Fasih Bari Khan[1] is a television scriptwriter from Pakistan.


Khan has written several highly acclaimed yet controversial TV plays for different networks.[2][3] He first rose to fame with the acclaimed Burns Road ki Nilofer.[4] He is best known for Quddusi Sahab ki Bewah which ran for 140 episodes[5][6] His stories are reflective of every day lives of the inner cities of Pakistan and highlight ills of society that are often viewed as controversial.[7]

  • Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah[8]
  • Burns Road ki Nilofer
  • Khalid ki Khalda
  • Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mein – Hum TV – 2012
  • Khala Kulsum Ka Kumba – PTV
  • Shakoor Sahab
  • Ronaq Jahan Ka Nafsiyati Gharana
  • Tar-e-Ankaboot [9]
  • Faltu Larki


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