Fasole cu cârnați

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Fasole cu cârnați
Fasole cu afumatura.jpg
Fasole cu cârnați.
Course Main course
Place of origin Romania Flag of Romania.svg
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Pork's sausage
Tomato sauce
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Fasole cu cârnați ("beans with sausages", Romanian pronunciation: [faˈsole ku kɨrˈnat͡sʲ]) is a popular Romanian dish, consisting of baked beans and sausages. A variation replaces the sausages with afumătură (smoked meat).

Beans with smoked meat

Also a traditional Army dish, fasole cu cârnați is prepared by Army cooks and served freely to the crowds during the National Day celebrations (on 1 December) in Bucharest and Alba Iulia.[1]

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