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FastPCR interface.png
Original author(s) Ruslan Kalendar
Developer(s) PrimerDigital Ltd.
Stable release 6.5.55 / 2016
Operating system Windows, Linux (Wine)
Platform PC
Type bioinformatics
License shareware

FastPCR is an integrated tool for PCR primers or probes design, in silico PCR, oligonucleotide assembly and analyses, alignment and repeat searching.

Main features[edit]

The FastPCR software is an integrated tools environment that provides comprehensive facilities for designing any kind of PCR primers for standard, long-distance, inverse, quantitative PCR (LUX and self-reporting), multiplex PCR, group-specific PCR (common primers for phylogenetically related DNA sequences) and unique PCR (unique primers for each from phylogenetically related DNA sequences); overlap extension PCR (OE-PCR) multi-fragments assembling cloning; single primer PCR (design of PCR primers from close located inverted repeat), automatically detecting SSR loci and direct PCR primer design, amino acid sequence degenerate PCR, polymerase chain assembly (PCA) or oligos assembly and much more.

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