Fast Food Franchise

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Fast Food Franchise
Designer(s) Thomas Lehmann
Publisher(s) TimJim/Prism Games
Players 2–5
Age range 12 +
Setup time 1–5 minutes
Random chance Medium
Skill(s) required Strategic thought

Fast Food Franchise is a game of market control.


Initially, the game looks like Monopoly. There is a board, with spaces around the edges. Some of these spaces can be controlled. Each time you land on a space controlled by an opponent, you pay them money.

The inside of the board is an abstracted map of the United States. There are no fixed "color groups;" rather, your controlled outer spaces ("Markets") are the major cities of the USA, and you need to use the inner map to connect these markets.

Connected markets act like multiple colors in a color group. However, the expansion in the middle map is far more strategic than random.

Where Monopoly is a game about trading property, Fast Food Franchise is a game of controlling the inner map.

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