Fast Future Generation

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Fast Future Generation
Fast Future Generation cover.jpg
Directed by Marvin Scott Jarrett
Produced by Ted Robbins
Starring Good Charlotte
Music by Good Charlotte
John Debney
Edited by Lenny Mesina
Ernest Savage
Steven Friedman
Nazeli Kodjoian
Distributed by Sony BMG Music (Canada) Inc.
Release date
December 26, 2006 (US)
March 19, 2007 (UK)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Japan
Language English
Some Japanese

Fast Future Generation is a rockumentary DVD featuring Good Charlotte on tour in Japan. It was made and produced by Marvin Scott Jarrett in the fall of 2005. The DVD was released on December 26, 2006. It includes concert footage, interviews and behind the scenes footage of Good Charlotte making their way through Japan.


  1. "Introduction"
  2. "What is the Concert"
  3. "Crowds in Japan"
  4. "First Show"
  5. "That Show Sucked"
  6. "Fashion Talk"
  7. "Benji DJ"
  8. "Trying to Make That Record"
  9. "Problems with Celebrities"
  10. "2nd Show"
  11. "Billy the Artist"
  12. "Caffeine"
  13. "Justin Davis"
  14. "Paul the Producer"
  15. "Live 8"
  16. "Bullet Train"
  17. "Found My Inspiration"
  18. "Last Show"
  19. "End Credits"


  • Director - Marvin Scott Jarrett
  • Producer - Ted Robbins
  • Executive producers - Piero Giramonti, Calvin Aurand
  • Manager - Steve Feinberg
  • A&R - David Massey
  • Editor - Lenny Mesina
  • Online editor - Ernest Savage
  • Technical supervisor - Steven Friedman
  • Post producer - Nazeli Kodjoian
  • Directors of photography - Chuck Ozeas, Scott Cunningham
  • Photography - Michael Pescasio, Ted Robbins, Marvin Scott Jarrett
  • Sound recorders - Scott Cunningham, Ted Robbins
  • Music - Good Charlotte, John Debney
  • Sound editor - Josh Abraham, Dave Wagg

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