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A Subaru Impreza fast response car at Suntec City Mall.

Singapore Police Force land division officers typically respond to calls in rapid-deployment vehicles now known as the Fast Response Car (FRC) which are the main police cars in Singapore. Prior to 2000, they were known in public simply as police patrol cars.

Fast Response Cars are usually composed of Japanese-made saloon cars. Most commonly seen are the Toyota Corolla Altis and the Hyundai Elantra. Around 2000, Nissan Sunny and Subaru Impreza[1] sedans were added to the fleet. Unlike civilian vehicles in Singapore in which speed limiters (speed governors) are installed to prevent over-speeding, Police Fast Response Cars are able to reach their maximum speed potential without hindrance when the need arises.

Originally restricted to team leader vehicles during the 1990s, all current FRCs carry a large array of equipment to allow officers to conduct normal policing duties and basic investigative work which officers are expected to perform with the implementation of the Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) system. A typical FRC vehicle may therefore stock equipment for the force-opening of locked doors, conducting roadblocks, fingerprint collection, and the provision of first aid. On top of these, chemical agent protection equipment and bulletproof vests are also carried for the officer's protection.

The Mitsubishi Galant and Opel Astra series of FRCs, which were bought in very limited numbers, were the only police cars in local history to use aerodynamically designed light bars, all other police vehicles to date use the block shaped design.

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