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Fast Rules (1972)

Fast Rules is a set rules for conducting table top wargames with H0 scale World War II miniatures. The rules were developed by Mike Reese and Leon Tucker and published as a 24 page pamphlet in 1970 by the Armored Operations Society, an affiliate of the IFW. Guidon Games made a second printing in 1972.

The basic target types are buildings, tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks, cars, guns, and men. Two six-sided dice are rolled to determine whether a hit is made, with the number needed to score a hit depending upon the target type. The chance of hitting increases with each consecutive attempt, and if a hit is scored a second roll is made to determine if the target is destroyed. When opposing infantry come into contact with each other, each man rolls a single six-sided die to determine survival.

Fast Rules is not a perfect information game. A player must actively seek out his opponent's pieces, which are not placed on the battlefield until they are detected.

Reese and Tucker also wrote Tractics, a more elaborate set of rules for World War II miniatures.