Fasta Åland

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Fasta Åland
Native name:
Fasta Åland
Aland map 01.png
Fasta Åland is located in Finland
Fasta Åland
Fasta Åland
LocationBaltic Sea
Coordinates60°08′53″N 19°47′18″E / 60.14806°N 19.78833°E / 60.14806; 19.78833Coordinates: 60°08′53″N 19°47′18″E / 60.14806°N 19.78833°E / 60.14806; 19.78833
ArchipelagoÅland Islands
Area685 km2 (264 sq mi)
Largest settlementMariehamn (pop. 11,048)
Ethnic groupsSwedes

Fasta Åland (Finnish: Manner-Ahvenanmaa or Ahvenanmanner, meaning mainland Åland) is the largest and most populous island of Åland, an autonomous province of Finland. The island is home to the provincial capital Mariehamn. About ninety percent of the archipelago's population lives on Fasta Åland.[1] Its area is difficult to estimate due to its irregular shape and coastline, but estimates range from 740 square kilometres[2] to 879 square kilometres[3] to over 1,010 square kilometres, depending on what is included or excluded.

On the east side of Fasta Åland is a large bay, Lumparn, which is now believed to be the impact crater from a meteorite impact about 100 million years ago.[4]


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