Fasta Åland

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Fasta Åland
Native name: Fasta Åland
Aland map 01.png
Fasta Åland is located in Finland
Fasta Åland
Fasta Åland (Finland)
Location Baltic Sea
Coordinates 60°08′53″N 19°47′18″E / 60.14806°N 19.78833°E / 60.14806; 19.78833Coordinates: 60°08′53″N 19°47′18″E / 60.14806°N 19.78833°E / 60.14806; 19.78833
Archipelago Åland Islands
Area 685 km2 (264 sq mi)
Province Åland
Largest settlement Mariehamn (pop. 11,048)
Ethnic groups Swedes

Fasta Åland (Finnish: Manner-Ahvenanmaa or Ahvenanmanner, meaning mainland Åland) is the largest and most populous island of Åland, an autonomous province of Finland. The provincial capital Mariehamn is located on the island. With the area of 685 km² it is the 3rd largest island in Finland.

Ninety per cent of the population live on Fasta Åland (the Main Island), which is also the site of the capital town of Mariehamn. Fasta Åland is the largest island in the archipelago, extending over 1,010 square kilometres, more than 70% of the province's land area. It measures approximately 50 kilometres (31 mi) from north to south and 45 kilometres (28 mi) from east to west.

The large bay, Lumparn, in the east of Fasta Åland is now believed to be the impact crater from a meteorite impact about 1000 million years ago.[1]


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