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Faster Fene is a series of Marathi books and novels written by Marathi author Bhaskar Ramachandra Bhagwat popularly known as Bha.Ra. Bhagwat. This series chronicles the life of an adventurous boy, Banesh Fene who seems to get embroiled in various mysteries, secrets, dramas, adventures and even Indo-China war of 1962. Faster Fene series has twenty number of books and novels in total with the first being Fursungicha Faster Fene.

Faster Fene
AuthorBhaskar Ramachandra Bhagwat
DisciplineMystery, Detective, Thriller, Adventure
PublisherPopular Prakashan (1974) Utkarsh Prakashan (1975 onwards)
Media typePrint
No. of books20

The first book of Faster Fene series was published in the year 1974 by Pune-based Popular Prakashan[1]. But a year later another Pune-based publisher Utkarsh Prakashan acquired the rights to publish Faster Fene books.

He is known to be one of the most popular detective characters of Maharashtra[2] and these Faster Fene novels have been translated into other languages such as English and Hindi[1].

Banesh Fene is a lanky school-going teenager who is always ready for adventures wherever he goes. He is a student of Vidya Bhavan School in Pune. He was born in a village called Fursungi near Pune. He is very agile and is very fast with his feet and on his bicycle. Hence he earns his nickname 'Faster Fene'.

Most of Faster Fene's adventures are based in and around Pune. However in some books and novels his adventures take place in Jammu and Kashmir, near Indo-China border and even in Afghanistan. According to Faster Fene though he doesn't wish to get himself in trouble; troubles, mysteries and adventures follow him wherever he goes and so he is left with no option but to fight back and solve mysteries.


  1. Fursungicha Faster Fene
  2. Aage Badho Faster Fene
  3. Balbahaddar Faster Fene
  4. Jawanmard Faster Fene
  5. Faster Fenecha Ranrang
  6. Tring..Tring..Faster Fene
  7. Faster Fenechi Express Kaamgiri
  8. Faster Fene Tola Hanto
  9. Faster Fene Detective
  10. Faster Fenechi Kashmiri Karamat
  11. Pratapgadavar Faster Fene
  12. Gulmargche Gudh Ani Faster Fene
  13. Chinkuche Chale Ani Faster Fene
  14. Faster Fenechi Dongarbhet
  15. Faster Fenechya Galyat Maal
  16. Chakrivadlat Faster Fene
  17. Chinku Chimpanzee Ani Faster Fene
  18. Viman-Chor Viruddha Faster Fene
  19. Junglepatat Faster Fene
  20. Tick Tock Faster Fene

TV and Film Adaptation[edit]

In 1982, Faster Fene character was the star of a TV show on Doordarshan which was portrayed by Sumeet Raghavan[1].

In the year 2017, the character of Faster Fene was adapted into an on-screen character for a Marathi movie Faster Fene directed by Aditya Sarpotdar and produced by Riteish Deshmukh.


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