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This article is about the band. For the film, see Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. For the band's self-titled album, see Faster Pussycat (album).
Faster Pussycat
Faster Pussycat.jpg
Faster Pussycat, 2008
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Hard rock, heavy metal, glam metal, glam punk, punk rock, industrial rock (later)
Years active 1985–1993, 2001–present
Labels Elektra
Associated acts The Newlydeads, Sin City Sinners, LA Guns, Motochrist
Members Taime Downe
Xristian Simon
Danny Nordahl
Chad Stewart
Ace Von Johnson
Past members Brent Muscat
Greg Steele
Mark Michals
Kelly Nickels
Eric Stacy
Brett Bradshaw
Aaron Abellira
Michael Thomas

Faster Pussycat is an American glam metal band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1985. The group was most successful during the late 1980s with their self-titled debut album, their 1989 gold album Wake Me When It's Over and the 80,000 selling Whipped! in 1992.


Early Years (1985–1987)[edit]

Faster Pussycat was formed in Hollywood by Taime Downe during the Glam metal boom of the 1980s. The earliest incarnation of the band featured Downe and Greg Steele along with Brent Muscat. The name of the band, "Faster Pussycat", is derived from the Russ Meyer film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!.[1]

After many early personnel changes, Faster Pussycat consisted of Taime Downe (vocals), Greg Steele (guitar), Brent Muscat (guitar), Kelly Nickels (bass) and Mark Michals (drums).

Just before they recorded their debut album, Kelly Nickels left the group to join the L.A. Guns and was replaced by Eric Stacy (from Champagne).

Rise to fame (1987–1993)[edit]

The band signed a record contract with Elektra Records which released their debut album Faster Pussycat in 1987. The band established a following among Heavy-Metal, Glam-Rock and 'Sleaze Rock' fans, mainly through two promotional videos from the first album, for the songs Bathroom Wall and Don't Change That Song. In November 1987 the band appeared on the cover of Screamer Magazine's debut issue. Says David Castagno, the magazine's Publisher/Editor and now host of RadioScreamer, "Faster Pussycat will always hold a special place in my heart." In the United States the band toured with Alice Cooper, David Lee Roth, and Motörhead in support of the album.

Also in 1987, Faster Pussycat appeared in the Rockumentary film, The Decline of Western Civilization part 2 - The Metal Years. The band was interviewed at some length and performed live versions of "Cathouse" and "Bathroom Wall".

Two years later, Faster Pussycat recorded their most successful album Wake Me When It's Over. The album earned 'Gold' status from the RIAA. Sales were mainly driven by the hit single, "House of Pain". Music videos were produced for "House of Pain", and "Poison Ivy". While the band were touring for the album in 1990, drummer Mark Michals was arrested in Omaha, Nebraska and fired from the band. He made the mistake of signing for a package addressed to Eric Stacy. The package contained heroin. This would not be the last time Eric Stacy had heroin shipped to him. Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot filled in as their drummer for the remainder of the tour. After finishing the tour, Brett Bradshaw became Faster Pussycat's new long-term drummer. Tours with KISS and Mötley Crüe followed.[citation needed]

In 1990, they recorded a cover of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" for a compilation called Rubáiyát: Elektra's 40th Anniversary. A video was also filmed for this track. The song was also later included on the 1992 Belted, Buckled And Booted EP, which served as the single for "Nonstop To Nowhere" and also included two unreleased tracks.

In 1992 they released their third album, Whipped!, which peaked at No. 90 on the charts.[2]

In 1993, Faster Pussycat let go bassist Eric Stacy. The band hired United Snakes (Hollywood, CA.) band member Aaron Abellira from Pearl City, Hawaii to replace him. They did a mini warm up tour, a U.S tour, and then some shows in Japan. Most of the shows played in the states and Japan were sold out. They also played one last sold out show back home in Hollywood, CA. at the Hollywood Palace, despite the "Seattle sound" / "Grunge movement" taking over the Rock scene during this time, showing that the band had made their mark in Rock music.

Break-up (1993)[edit]

A few weeks after arriving back to the U.S. Faster Pussycat broke up, and all members went their separate ways into various projects.

Downe was involved with industrial musical act Pigface before expanding on the darker themes started on Whipped!, by forming his own industrial rock act with Kyle Kyle of Bang Tango called The Newlydeads.

Reunion and change of musical style (2001–2005)[edit]

In 2001 Faster Pussycat reformed featuring original members Downe (vocals), Muscat (guitar), Steele (guitar); alongside Downe's former Newlydeads bandmates Xristian Simon (guitar), Danny Nordahl (bass), and Chad Stewart (drums). Danny Nordahl had also played in The Throbs, and Nordahl and Chad Stewart both also play in Motochrist.[3]

A remix compilation Between the Valley of the Ultra Pussy was released the same year, featuring industrial rock remixes of their classic tracks, along with a bonus cover of KISS' "I Was Made For Loving You". This divided fans as many of the band's older fanbase who enjoyed standard hard rock, were not familiar with industrial rock.[citation needed]

Steele would leave the band halfway through the band's 2001 headlining reunion tour. Tracii Guns filled in as guitarist for the rest of the tour, but once the remaining dates were completed, Faster Pussycat continued as a five piece. Eric Griffin from Murderdolls, Synical, and eventually Wednesday 13, filled in as guitarist for their United States tour due to Brent Muscat's scheduling conflicts.[4] Muscat would return briefly, until oral cancer sidelined him in late summer of 2005 and he was temporarily replaced by Michael Thomas, an arrangement which would become permanent when he chose not to return to the lineup.

Name dispute and Brent Muscat's Faster Pussycat line-up (2006–2007)[edit]

In December 2006, three former original Faster Pussycat members, Brent Muscat, Eric Stacy and Brett Bradshaw alongside The Underground Rebels vocalist Kurt Frohlich began performing under the name Faster Pussycat, creating two versions of the band both claiming to be the 'original'. Muscat's claimed purpose for this was to allow fans to hear Faster Pussycat tracks played in the way they originally recorded, as opposed to the Industrial rock-themed version of the band he said Downe continued to front. Muscat also made a legal claim to the name 'Faster Pussycat'.[citation needed]

They played the AVN Awards after-party at 'The Dive Bar' in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to a press release, this version of the band — which did not include Downe — will perform "all classic tracks, no remixes, no B.S."[5]

Downe sent out a bulletin on MySpace saying Faster Pussycat was not playing in Vegas and Brent's version was a 'tribute band'.[6] Brent responded by stating that he donated all his money and planned to donate a portion of any future earnings to cancer research. In various interviews Downe disputed Brent's version of events and indicated the issue was being dealt with via the courts.[7][8]

In February 2007, Brent issued these statements on his MySpace blog:

"In 2000 Taime made an awful remix cd. It was not until Greg Steele and I threatened him with legal action that we were paid and invited to join our own band. In 2005 I was diagnosed with oral cancer. The band which I had been part of for 20 years all of a sudden replaced me and lied about my condition. I was very hurt that Taime never bothered to call me once. As a result of Taime's drunken and erratic performances, the price for Faster Pussycat live performances plummeted and fans have voiced their displeasure. I decided I would attempt to reunite the band to commemorate our 20th anniversary. I invited both Greg and Taime, (which is more than he did for me) but neither responded."

In March 2007 Brent did an interview with an Italian publication, in which he stated:

"I love Taime but I believe he is caught up in a dark, fake and lonely place, where the people around him kiss his ass and then talk shit behind his back.. They use him for his drugs and ride his coat tails... Hollywood has been dead for a few years now... I'm so glad I got away from there and moved to Las Vegas. What is most sad about this, is the fact that I'm one of Taime's only real friends and he is too messed up to see it."

On April 21, 2007, Muscat circulated via MySpace an open invitation to Downe and Steele to reunite with him, Stacy and Bradshaw.[9] There was no response from Downe. Brent's version of Faster Pussycat toured Europe in Spring 2007 with Kurt Frohlich replacing Downe on vocals along with Todd Kerns on guitar.[10]

In July 2007, Brent Muscat decided to drop the battle to use the name Faster Pussycat.[11] Brent Muscat has since started a band called Sin City Sinners.[12] Brent has stated in an interview "Faster Pussycat is dead".[13]

Downe has continued on with the name 'Faster Pussycat.' and this band performed at Rocklahoma July 2007. During their set, Downe went on a tirade to the crowd referencing Muscat's cancer, wishing he would die, which received a poor reception from both the crowd and journalists. He then cut their set short and left the stage without playing several of their biggest hits.[14]

Recent times (2008–present)[edit]

Faster Pussycat toured the U.S. in the summer of 2008 with Tracii Guns' version of LA Guns.[15]

In the late spring of 2010 Ace Von Johson replaced Michael Thomas, who was devoting his full-time work to Adler's Appetite.[16]

In late 2013, Faster Pussycat's current lineup went out on tour, performing mainly in clubs, bars, and university venues. While the band's past problems had shrunk their audiences, the 2013 shows received positive reviews.[17][18]

Band members[edit]

Current members
Former members
Touring members



Studio albums[edit]

Year Album US JP[19] UK[20] Certification Label
1987 Faster Pussycat 97 - - Gold (US) Elektra
1989 Wake Me When It's Over 48 - 35 Gold (US) Elektra
1992 Whipped! 90 43 58 Elektra
2006 The Power and the Glory Hole - - - - Full Effect

Live albums[edit]




Year Single Chart positions
US Hot 100 US Main Rock
1987 "Babylon" - -
"Don't Change That Song" - -
"Bathroom Wall" - -
1989 "Poison Ivy" - -
1990 "You're So Vain" - -
"House of Pain" 28 23
1992 "Nonstop to Nowhere" - 35
2006 "Number 1 with a Bullet" - -


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