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Developer(s) yongqli
Stable release
5.1.3 / 10 March 2013
Written in JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform

Firefox extension

Chrome extension
License GPL

FastestFox (previously called SmarterFox and Smarter Wikipedia) is a Firefox extension that aims to make Wikipedia more convenient to use from the browser. It adds a "related articles" box to the left side of Wikipedia and integrates Wikipedia's search features into Firefox. It is aimed at Wikipedia power users.[1] There is also a FastestFox Google Chrome extension.


  • Adds a "related articles" box to the left side of Wikipedia.
  • Adds a "Search Wikipedia for..." option to context menus, when text is selected.

Technical details[edit]

The extension adds the "Search Wikipedia for..." option to context menus using XUL. The "related articles" feature is implemented using an AJAX request to a web API[which?]. Because the request is sent only after the page finishes loading, there is often a delay until results appear.


FastestChrome is the port of FastestFox for Google Chrome. It is not fully functional, but includes most of the original features.

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