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Fatalii Chilli
Two ripe Fatalii chillies, with tape measure (in inches) for scale.
Species Capsicum chinense
Cultivar 'Fatalii'
Origin Africa
Heat Exceptionally hot
Scoville scale 125,000–400,000 SHU

The Fatalii is a chili pepper of Capsicum chinense that originates in central and southern Africa. It is described to have a fruity, citrus flavor with a searing heat that is comparable to the standard habanero. The Scoville Food Institute lists the Fatalii as the seventh hottest pepper, ranging 125,000–400,000 Scoville units.[1]


The plants typically grow 20 to 25 inches (51–64 cm) in height, but may reach 3 feet (0.91 m) or taller under optimal growing conditions, and plant distance should be about the same. The pendant pods get 2.5 to 3.5 inches (6.4–8.9 cm) long and about 0.75 to 1.5 inches (1.9–3.8 cm) wide. From a pale green, they mature to a bright yellow (there are red Fataliis around as well, but the yellow one is the "real thing").[2]

Culinary Use[edit]

The Fatalii is known for its extreme heat and citrus flavor. As such, it makes for a hot sauce that usually comprises other citrus flavors (e.g., lime, lemon). The walls of the peppers are very thin, making it very easy to dry.[citation needed] After drying, the peppers can be used as powders.[specify]

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