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TypeMeat pie
Place of originLevant
Region or stateLebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Yemen
Main ingredientsMeat, spinach, cheese or Za'atar

Fatayer (Standard Arabic: فطائر, romanizedfaṭāʾir; Levantine Arabic: فطاير, romanized: faṭāyir; sg. فطيرة, faṭīra) are meat pies that can alternatively be stuffed with spinach or cheese such as feta or akkawi.[1] They are part of Levantine cuisine and are eaten in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.[citation needed] Fatayer are also popular in Argentina, where they are considered a variety of empanada under the name empanadas árabes (sg. empanada árabe).[citation needed]

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