Fate: The Best of Death

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Fate: The Best of Death
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GenreDeath metal
Death chronology
Fate: The Best of Death
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Fate: The Best of Death is a compilation album by Death. It contains songs collected from :

This was a collection of songs from the first four Death albums controlled by Relativity Records, subsequently purchased by Sony Music Entertainment, and licensed by them to Century Media in Germany. Chuck Schuldiner did not approve the layout, songs or cover photo used. This compilation is no longer manufactured by any company.


Track listing[edit]

1."Zombie Ritual" (from Scream Bloody Gore)4:32
2."Together as One" (from Human)4:08
3."Open Casket" (from Leprosy)4:56
4."Spiritual Healing" (from Spiritual Healing)7:45
5."Mutilation" (from Scream Bloody Gore)3:28
6."Suicide Machine" (from Human)4:22
7."Altering the Future" (from Spiritual Healing)5:36
8."Baptized in Blood" (from Scream Bloody Gore)4:30
9."Left to Die" (from Leprosy)4:38
10."Pull the Plug" (from Leprosy)4:27
Total length:46:12