Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School and Regional Arts Centre

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Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School and Regional Arts Centre
(originally Michael Power • St. Joseph, Alderwood Campus)
FJRCSS Logo.png
Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School.jpg
28 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive
New Toronto, Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, M8V 4B7
Coordinates 43°35′40″N 79°30′59″W / 43.59444°N 79.51639°W / 43.59444; -79.51639Coordinates: 43°35′40″N 79°30′59″W / 43.59444°N 79.51639°W / 43.59444; -79.51639
School type Catholic High school
Art school
Motto Cursum Consumavi Fidem Servavi
(I Have Finished The Race, I Have Kept The Faith)
Religious affiliation(s) Roman Catholic
(Basilian Fathers and Sisters of St. Joseph)
Founded 1985 (MPSJ Campus)
1986 (present day)
School board Toronto Catholic District School Board
Superintendent Douglas Yack
Area 2
Area trustee Ann Andarchuk
Ward 2
School number 540 / 731951
Administrator Maria Rebelo-Da Silva
(Regional Arts Administrative Assistant)
Principal Lisa Tomeczek
Vice Principals Gabriele Piccolo
Laura DiManno
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1202 (2016-17)
Language English
Schedule type Terms (Grade 9) Semesterd Grade 10-12)
Colour(s) Red and Navy         
Team name Redmond Redhawks
Parish St. Teresa
Program Focus Advanced Placement
Arts Focus
Regional Arts Program

Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School and Regional Arts Centre (also known as Father John Redmond, Father John Redmond CSS and RAC, FJRCSS, FJR, or Redmond in short) is a Roman Catholic high school located in the New Toronto area of Etobicoke in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada operated by the Toronto Catholic District School Board in a regional art school focus.

Redmond was founded in Spring of 1985 as the south campus of Etobicoke's first Catholic high school, Michael Power/St. Joseph High School, amalgamated in 1982 and then became a separate, standard high school in 1986. The Regional Arts Program has since started in 2006. The school was named after Father John Redmond C.S.B. (1934-September 21, 1981), a teacher, coach, educator, priest, and principal of Michael Power. The motto for Redmond is Cursum Consumavi Fidem Servavi ("I Have Finished The Race, I Have Kept The Faith").



Father John Redmond C.S.B. was born in Weston, Ontario in 1934 and aspired to helping others all his life. He was a faithful priest, dedicated teacher and accomplished coach.[1] Educated in Toronto at St. Michael's College School and later University of Windsor, Father Redmond was ordained a Basilian priest in 1963.

His entire professional teaching career, which spanned from 1963 to his death on September 21, 1981, revolved around Michael Power Catholic High School. He was the school's athletic director for thirteen years, principal from 1976 to 1981, and nineteen years as a teacher. He helped develop thousands of Etobicoke teenagers into responsible adults through his example of a Christian life and through the discipline of sport.

Under Redmond's tutelage, Power won fifteen Toronto and District College School Athletic Association Track Championships and, provincially, nine out of ten Ontario Federation of Secondary Schools Association Crowns. In 1976, an American reporter wrote that the Power track team won a US invitational meet over 243 schools "handily".

Redmond was inducted into the Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame in 1999.


The original home of Father John Redmond from 1985-2006.

During a period of reorganization by public school boards across Ontario following a decision by the Ontario Government to extend funding of Catholic schools to include secondary school grades 10 to 13 (OAC) in the 1980s, many public schools of the Etobicoke Board of Education in southern Etobicoke with low enrollment were ceded to the Metropolitan Separate School Board (later the Toronto Catholic District School Board).

Originally offered the former Mimico High School (now John English Junior Middle School), the MSSB preferred the newer, designed buildings of Kingsmill Secondary School (later Bishop Allen Academy), which were already nearby, requested the former Alderwood Collegiate Institute in Alderwood (which was closed in June 1983) to serve the rest of southern Etobicoke; Alderwood reopened as the South campus outlet of Etobicoke's first Catholic high school, Michael Power/St. Joseph High School. The school's namesake, Father John Redmond was named in his honor after serving as a Basilian priest, a principal, an educator, and prominent national track and field coach. The roots clearly relied on the Basilian motto of “Teach me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge.”

The South campus of MPSJ opened its doors in spring 1985 with 17 staff and 300 students under vice-principal Jack Smith. On September 2, 1986, the Father John Redmond community was established with the motto of Cursum Consumavi Fidem Servavi ("I Have Finished The Race, I Have Kept The Faith"). Jack Smith is the founding principal of the new school. In its first year, Father Redmond Catholic Secondary School had an enrollment of 427 students in grades 9, 10 and 11. By September 1987 grades 12 and OAC had been added and the student population reached 1140 students.

The 1960s school buildings were in a very bad state of repair forced Father John Redmond to relocate to newly constructed buildings in New Toronto (St. Teresa's parish), on the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital grounds beside the historic 19th century buildings of the Mimico Lunatic Asylum, which are now the site of Humber College's Lakeshore Campus, in September 2006. As the Toronto Catholic District School Board does not operate an arts school in Etobicoke, Father John Redmond was chosen as the Catholic board's Regional Arts Centre on June 12, 2005. The school serves Catholic students from the former Lakeshore Municipalities (Mimico, New Toronto, Long Branch) in southern Etobicoke. The current population stands at 1102 students.

Program overview[edit]

As Father John Redmond runs in a "AAA" system, its school of excellence with their main foci being the “Triple A” approach to education: Academics, Arts and Athletics. Attached to the school is Ken Cox Community Centre, supporting after school programs and summer camps.[2]


Father John Redmond houses one of the three Congregated Advanced Placement Centres in the TCDSB. Highly motivated and gifted students thrive in this atmosphere of challenging curriculum and high standards. The AP program at FJR allows students to complete core courses such as English, Calculus, and Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) in grades 11 and 12, in order to be eligible to write the Advanced Placement exam in either grade. The school prepares students for the AP exams through after school workshops and classes geared towards practice exams. If a student successfully obtains a 4 or 5 (out of 5) on one of these exams, they are eligible to receive university credits for the classes. These standards are evident in its Gifted and comprehensive programs as well, and maintained by a talented and dedicated faculty. Redmond's strong CSAC (Parent Council) is evidence of the bond between school and community, as one works together in a mutually supportive and respectful relationship to educate their children.

In addition to the accelerated academics programs at FJR, the high school also supports children on all levels by offering "University" and "College" level classes, an ESL (English as a second language) Program, and a "Special Needs" program. The resource centre is available for all students who wish to seek academic guidance, and guidance centre aids children in course selections and career options.


In 2005, Father John Redmond officially became the TCDSB’s first Regional Arts Centre and the new school facility was specifically built to house its new Arts Centre. Former principal Diane Parwiki advocated for the program and supported her students by raising funds and faculty support for the program as well. “Ars Gratia Artis” is very much the philosophy embedded in their curriculum designed for creative minds. Father John Redmond's school community consists of 1102 students, half of which are enrolled in the Arts Program. The school boasts a second-to-none Art Department for its students in the comprehensive program as well who also benefit from the new state-of-the-art facility.

The different Art Specialties students can choose from are Theatre Arts, Vocal, Instrumental, Visual Arts, and Dance. In order for students to be admitted into the program, they must complete an application and portfolio to be submitted to the school, and then come to the school in January of their grade 8 year to audition live in front of each department's head. It is a rigorous program that caters to those who are talented, but even more so to those who are dedicated. If accepted into the program, they will have one out of four classes every day in their specialty major.

Each year, Father John Redmond students are involved in several performances for the community named such as a yearly Drama, Musical, Christmas Concert, Song and Dance Extravaganza, Kaleidoscope art exhibition, as well as many more entertainment evenings showcasing students’ artistic talents.


“Mens sana in corpore sano”, a healthy mind in a healthy body, is what Redmond believes contributes to the wellness of the whole student. As the school follows Father Redmond’s legacy of sportsmanship, fair play and perseverance in developing young men and women who are strengthened intellectually, physically and spiritually. Their athletic sports include Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Hockey, Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, Soccer Softball, Swimming, Track and Field, Volleyball and more. The school competes yearly in OFSSA competitions, and comes back with a title every year.

Academic Schedule[edit]

The academic period is from September until June, and the students have a few PA days, Christmas break, and March break. Grade 9 students' schedules are semestered (Semester 1: September - January, Semester 2: February - June), with the exception of the Grade 9 Mathematics & Grade 9 Religion courses, which are scheduled for 40 minutes every day from September until June. In grades 10 through 12, the students are then given schedules that are fully semestered.


Father John Redmond values student diversity and equality, which they exemplify through the school uniform. Enforced at all times, students must be dressed according to the school uniform policy listed as follows:


  • School-crested (short or long sleeve) tuck under golf shirt, or crested white turtleneck.
  • Grey dress pants (with R J McCarthy patch).
  • A school-crested sweater may be worn over the golf shirt.
  • A plain (no logos or letters) white T-shirt may be worn under the golf shirt.
  • Plain black leather dress shoes or faux leather dress shoes. No suede shoes. No running shoes of any kind.
  • Grey or black socks only.
  • Navy blue school cardigan – optional


  • School-crested (short or long sleeve) tuck under golf shirt.
  • Grey dress pants (with R.J. McCarthy patch) with grey or black socks only. Or Redmond kilt with navy tights or navy blue knee socks.
  • A school-crested sweater may be worn over the golf shirt.
  • A PLAIN (no logos or letters) white T-shirt may be worn under the golf shirt.
  • Plain black leather or faux leather low-heel dress shoes. No suede shoes.
  • Plain navy tights must be worn with kilts from November 1 to May 1 each year.
  • Navy blue school cardigan – optional

Students do have occasional Civvies Days that collect $2 from every student and donate that money towards a charity the school supports.

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