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Father MC (born Timothy Brown) is an African American rapper, Timothy Brown achieved success in the early 1990s on the Uptown Records label. Discovered and signed by then-Uptown executive Sean "Puffy" Combs, he is best known for introducing the public to Uptown's successful R&B act Jodeci in the track, "Treat Them Like They Want to Be Treated" and up-and-comer Mary J. Blige.

Personal life[edit]

Father MC appeared nude in the August 1996 issue Playgirl in a photospread taken by Greg Weiner.[1] In 2007 he reinvented himself with the name Fambody (whatever the hell that means) and laid plans to create more music in the near future. Father's Day, the lead single was "I'll Do For You" which sample the Cheryl Lynn disco hit "Got To Be Real" and featured a young and unknown Mary J. Blige on back up vocals (did you ever think you would hear that sentence...Mary J. on back-up?). It was a hit, reaching as high as number 20 on the charts. Unfortunately the rest of the album did not do as well, but it did have another stand out single that provided another famous Uptown Records R&B act its platform to be heard. Father MC sampled Vaughan Mason and Crew's "Rock, Skate, Roll, Bounce" to create "Treat 'Em Like They Want To Be Treated" featuring Jodeci singing in the background.





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