Father and Son (1981 film)

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Father and Son
Directed byAllen Fong
Written byChan Chiu
Lilian Lee
Alfred Cheung
StarringShi Lei
Chu Hung
Yung Wai-man
David Lo
Ching Hor-wai
Cheung Yu-Ngot
Release date
  • 1981 (1981)
CountryHong Kong

Father and Son (父子情) is a 1981 Hong Kong film directed by Allen Fong. It won the Best Film Award at the 1st Hong Kong Film Awards.

The story is about a not well-educated father with low-income job who wishes his son can become an important and successful person. However, his son cannot understand his father’s wishes and often is in trouble and got expelled from school. Despite of his son's failure in school, the father is determined that he should get a good education so he marries his oldest daughter off to a rich man to ensure that his son’s can study abroad and the college fee being paid.[1]


  • Shi Lei as Law San Muk
  • Chu Hung as Mrs Law (as Hung Chu)
  • Yung Wai-Man as Law Family Younger Brother
  • Cheung Yu-Ngor as Law Kar-Hing
  • Yun Sin-Mei as Law Kar-Hei


1st Hong Kong Film Awards[2]


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