Father of a Soldier

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Father of a Soldier
Father of a Soldier.jpg
Directed byRezo Chkheidze
Written bySuliko Jgenti
StarringSergo Zaqariadze
Vladimir Privaltsev
Aleksandr Nazarov
Aleksandr Lebedev
Yuri Drozdov
Release date
  • 1964 (1964)
Running time
83 minutes
CountrySoviet Union

Father of a Soldier (Georgian: ჯარისკაცის მამა translit. jariskats'is mama, Russian: Отец солдата, translit. Otets soldata) is a 1964 Georgian black-and-white World War II-themed drama film directed by Revaz Chkheidze based on a script by Suliko Jgenti. The leading role was played by Sergo Zakariadze. The film was entered into the 4th Moscow International Film Festival.[1]


Summer of 1942. Old Georgian farmer Giorgi Makharashvili learns that his son, Goderdzi, is wounded and was taken to a hospital. Giorgi is setting forth to visit his son. While he was getting there, the son recovered and got sent to the front. Giorgi decides to stay in the army and successfully gets enlisted to the motorized units. Together with his comrades in arms he goes to Germany. In the course of a battle Giorgi finally finds his son but after being wounded Goderdzi dies in his arms.


  • Sergo Zaqariadze as Giorgi Makharashvili
  • Vladimir Privaltsev as Nikiforov (as V. Privaltsev)
  • Aleksandr Nazarov as Arkadi (as A. Nazarov)
  • Aleksandr Lebedev (as A. Lebedev)
  • Yuri Drozdov as Vova (as Yu. Drozdov)
  • Vladimir Kolokoltsev as Grisha (as V. Kolokoltsev)
  • Viktor Uralsky as Pachua (as V. Uralsky)
  • Qetevan Bochorishvili as Tamari, wife of Giorgi (as K. Bochorishvili)
  • Vladimir Pitsek (as V. Pitsek)
  • Pyotr Lyubeshkin (as P. Lyubeshkin)
  • Ivan Kosykh as Akhmed (as I. Kosykh)
  • Viktor Kosykh as Vasya
  • Roman Vildan (as R. Vildan)
  • Yelena Maksimova (as Ye. Maksimova)
  • Inna Vykhodtseva (as I. Vykhodtseva)
  • Nikolai Barmin (as N. Barmin)
  • Radner Muratov (as R. Murator)
  • Bondo Goginava (as B. Goginava)
  • Vyacheslav Zharikov (as V. Zharikov)
  • Tatyana Sapozhnikova (as T. Sapozhnikova )


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