Fatherland for All

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Fatherland for All
Patria para Todos
Leader José Albornoz
Founded 1997
Headquarters Caracas, Venezuela
Ideology Democratic socialism
Political position Left-wing[1]
National affiliation Great Patriotic Pole
Seats in the Latin American Parliament
0 / 12
Seats in the National Assembly
0 / 165
Governors of States of Venezuela
0 / 23
0 / 337
Politics of Venezuela
Political parties

Fatherland for All (Patria Para Todos , PPT) is a leftist political party in Venezuela. It was founded in 1997 by members of The Radical Cause party who supported Hugo Chávez. It is led by José Albornoz. In the 2010 legislative elections, the party won 2 out of 165 seats in the National Assembly.


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