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Coordinates: 8°53′09″N 76°36′07″E / 8.885941°N 76.601958°E / 8.885941; 76.601958

Fatima Mata National College
MottoPer Matrem Pro Patria
PrincipalVincent B. Netto
Location, ,

Fatima Mata National College is a college in the Indian state of Kerala, named after Our Lady of Fatima, a Catholic title of Virgin Mary as seen in apparition at Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

Fatima Mata National College was founded by Jerome M. Fernandez, then Catholic bishop of Quilon, with a view to expand the facilities for higher education in the diocese. It was formally inaugurated on 29 December 1952 by Norman Thomas Cardinal Gilroy, the Papal Legate to the first Plenary Council of India. In 1953 it became a first grade college with the introduction of degree courses in Economics, Commerce and Zoology. Construction of the auditorium and the eastern wing and the introduction of degree course in Botany, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics followed in quick succession.

It was conferred autonomous status in 2014, thus becoming one of the first autonomous colleges in Kerala.[1]


The Fatima motto is per matrem pro patria (through the mother to the fatherland).


The college was founded in 1951 by Jerome M. Fernandez Thuppasseril, the first native Bishop of Quilon. The college was formally inaugurated on 29 December 1952 by Norman Thomas Cardinal Gilory, Papal Legate to India.

Fatima was elevated to the status of a first grade college with the introduction of degree courses in Commerce, Economics and Zoology. This was followed by introduction of courses in Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Physical resources were added in the form of hostels, sports pavilion, chemistry block, auditorium, playgrounds, an NCC office, hockey stadium, language lab, basketball courts, a botany garden, computer labs and research centers.


  • Msgr. Joseph Kureethadom, 1951–1952
  • Fr. Mathew Kottiath, 1952–1960, 1965–1969
  • Fr. C. M. George, 1960–1965
  • Msgr. A. J. Rozario, 1969–1984
  • Rev. Richard P. Fernandez, 1984–1988
  • Fr. (now Bishop) Stanley Roman, 1988–1996
  • Prof. K. Napoleon, 1996–1997
  • Dr. G. Henry, 1997–2004
  • Prof. C. K. Felix, 2004–2006
  • Dr. Sr. Soosamma Kavumpurath, 2006–2015
  • Dr. Vincent B. Netto, 2015–present


  • Msgr. Victor Fernandez, 1951–952
  • Msgr. Bernard D'cruz, 1952–1965
  • Msgr. Peter Thekkevilayil, 1965–1974
  • Fr. Alphonse Thundil, 1976–1984
  • Msgr. A. J. Rozario, 1984–2006
  • Fr. Anil Jose, 2006–present


  • 1961 Start of postgraduate courses in Botany and Commerce, followed by courses in Physics, Zoology, Economics, English, Psychology, Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry, Travel and Tourism Management, Malayalam, Mathematics.
  • 1966-1967 Open-access library and auditorium opened.
  • 1980 St. Joseph’s Guidance and Counselling Centre opened.
  • 1984 Centre for Research and Post Graduate Studies opened.
  • 1997–1998 Computer labs opened in the Departments of Mathematics and Commerce.
  • 1998 Upgrade of the Department of Zoology to a Research Centre, followed by the Department of Commerce the following year.
  • 1999 Language Laboratory for English and hockey stadium opened.
  • 2000 Golden Jubilee celebrations.
  • 2001 Accreditation by NAAC at Four Star level.
  • 2001–2002 The Institute of Distance Education degree courses started.
  • 2005–2006 The Departments of Economics and English were elevated to Research Centres.
  • 2007 NAAC Reaccreditation (B++).

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Notable alumni include:

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