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Fatima Tabaamrant is a Moroccan Berber-Amazigh singer. She sings and performs in her native-indigenous Berber tongue.[1]

Fatima Tabaamrant, was born in 1963 in Bougafer, into the Idaw Nacer tribe, which is part of the confederation of the Ayt Baamran tribes (Sous region, Morocco). She spent her childhood years in Ifrane and Lakhass, Province of Tiznit, in the greater external-peripheral, fringe and the outskirts (also parts Jbel Atlas Saghru, Greater lesser Atlas) parts of the Sous Region, Morocco.


Autobiographical Film[edit]

Tihya 1994 "She has played the role of the singer in an autobiographical film called Tihya".[2]


  • Fi Dakira, Fatima Tabaamrant biography. Channel 1M TV (RTM) Morocco.[3]
  • Imariren, Fatima Tabaamrant biography. 2M MONDE TV Morocco, on Friday June 4, 2010 at 9:35, (video length 26 minutes and 19 seconds)[4]

Imariren, an Amazigh term meaning "singers", is a cultural magazine that profiles the great names in Amazigh music of all genres, tracing the milestones in the evolution of their career since their debut.[5]

Television Performance[edit]

  • Massar TV Show (Music) Fatima Tabaamrant, ("Igh Ka Tzriti") musical performance, 2M MONDE TV Morocco. Part of Ahmed Amentag (biography), a 1-hour 45 minutes show (Tabaamrant performs after 10 minutes), April 16, 2010.[6]

Concert tour[edit]


Asnières-sur-Oise, France

L'appel de l'Atlas (Echo of the Atlas), Chant berbère de l'Atlas (Songs and Dance of the Atlas), Du slam à l'Atlas (The Sounds in the Atlas), Fatima Tabaamrant, Live Performance, Royaumont Abbey (Department 95), Asnières-sur-Oise, France (October 3, 8, 9, 10, 2010),[7][8][9][10]


Paris, France

Izlan Morocco Cycle, Fatima Tabaamrant, live performance (2009). Berber songs, poetry and dance. The Atlas Mountains and the Moroccan desert.Morocco cycle, at Théâtre Claude Lévi-Strauss (Musée du Quai Branly) Paris, France from Friday 27 November to Saturday 5 December 2009[11][12][13]

Timitar Festival, Agadir, Morocco (Friday, July 6, 2007)[14]


  • 7th International Festival of Volubilis. "Amazigh Evening" at Volubilis, Morocco. (August 4, 2006)
  • 4th edition Raïss Lhaj Belaïd (Theme) at Place El Mechouar, Tiznit, Tiznit-Provence, Morocco. (July 8, 2006)


Paris, France

Fatima Tabaamrant, Thursday, May 13 and Saturday, May 15, 1999 at a concert in Paris


Milan, Italy Fatima Tabaamrant, performed in Milan Italy, outdoor summer concerts ("Berber Nights").[15]



  • The Echo of the Atlas (Taghlaghalt),[16] Release Date December 11, 2007

The CD (Taghlaghalt Or The Echo of the Atlas Rayssa Fatima Tabaamrant) available online retail store, Amazon.com,[16] Barnes & Noble,[17]

Album The Echo of the Atlas (Taghlaghalt) (2007)
Track Listing Song
1 "Instrumental"
2 "(Ssllam) Salutations"
3 "(Tirra N Yils) Oral Writing"
4 "(Ajddig LLWRD) Hymn to Nature"
5 "(A Bu Nniyt) O Gullible"
6 "(Ait L Aql)Common Sense"
7 "Farewell Instrumental"
Album "Atalb Itarane" (2010), Golf Music (Casablanca)
Track Listing Song
1 "Taïry Nun Ayamarg"
2 "Ataddwat Amin"
3 "Ikoun Ayadrdour Fagh Harekan Akaln"
4 "Lhem Ow Lhem"
Album "Ward Ihadan Aman" (July 2009), Afraou Cassette Production (Agadir), (Afraw)
Track Listing Song
1 "Origui Rwa Azlmad"
2 "Izam Akrkad"
3 "Yayran Jenb Limam"
4 "Asaksi Dljawab"
5 "Frahnit Tazaamt"
6 "Ward Ihadan Aman"
Album "Azul N Henna" (November 2008), Afraou Cassette Production (Agadir), (Afraw)
Track Listing Song
1 "Amound Digh Ayamarg"
2 "Nan Itrane"
3 "Mani Tlkam Twada"
4 "Azul El Henna"
Album "Baba Yuba" (July 2007), Afraou Cassette Production (Agadir), (Afraw)
Track Listing Song
1 "Ourid Anmoun Atawnza"
2 "Baba Yuba (Baba Youba)"
3 "Agagh Our Tmalat"
4 "Ayan Ihdane"
Album "Izd Akal N Tmazight" (January 2007), Afraou Cassette Production (Agadir), (Afraw)
Track Listing Song
1 "Izd Akal N'Tmazight"
2 "Afrak"
3 "Aghzifad Aygane"
4 "Bdigh Awal Nek Slkhir"
Album "Touf Darngh Imi Lward" (2006), Afraou Cassette Production (Agadir), (Afraw)
Track Listing Song
1 "Oraka awdi Nigh Yat"
2 "Touf darngh imi Lward"
3 "Ara amarg Artirirt"
4 "Figh adar Itbrida"

Further reading[edit]

  • Fatima Sadigi; Amira Nowaira; Azza El Kholy; Moha Ennaji, eds. (2009). Women writing Africa: The Northern region. The Feminist Press at The City University of New York. ISBN 9781558615892. 

External links[edit]

  • Azawan.com Fatima Tabaamrant, biography and more (English, French, and Berber).


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