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Landsat image of Fatutaka
1943 drawing of the island, as seen from the east at a distance of 12 km
Map of the Santa Cruz Islands (Solomon Islands).png

Fatutaka, Fatu Taka or Patu Taka (also known as Mitre Island)[1] is a small high island in the Solomon Islands province of Temotu. It is the easternmost landfall in that nation. The island, located at 12°00′36″S 170°10′12″E / 12.01000°S 170.17000°E / -12.01000; 170.17000Coordinates: 12°00′36″S 170°10′12″E / 12.01000°S 170.17000°E / -12.01000; 170.17000, is the remnant of an extinct volcano. It is a small rocky outcropping, rising to an elevation of 122 metres (400 ft). The total land area of the island is 18 hectares (44 acres). Fatutaka lies approximately 50 kilometres (31 mi) southeast of Anuta. The island's soil is rocky, and not especially fertile, although it has in the past been used as a gardening location for the people of Anuta.

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