Faur București

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Faur București
Full nameFootball Club Faur București
GroundStadionul Faur, Bucharest

Faur București was a football club based in Bucharest, Romania.


The club was established in 1935 as Metalul by workers at Malaxa. Prior to World War II they were known as Titanii and Rogifer. After the nationalisation of Malaxa, the club was renamed 23 August before becoming Metalochimic. In 1947–48 the club won promotion from Divizia B into Divizia A.[1] However, they finished second bottom of the division the following season, and were relegated back to Divizia B.[2] The club was later renamed Energia and then back to Metalul again. The club's junior team won the national championship in 1970 and 1980.

Following the Romanian revolution in 1989, the club became Faur București. It folded in 2005.

Chronology of names[edit]

Name [3] Period
Metalul București 1935–1937
Titanii București 1937–1941
Rogifer București 1941–1945
23 August București 1945–1947
Metalochimic București 1947–1949
Metalul București 1949–1955
Energia București 1955–1957
Titanii București 1957–1958
Metalul Titanii București 1958–1960
Metalul București 1960–1965
Metalurgistul București 1965–1967
Metalul București 1967–1991
Faur București 1991–2005


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