Faust (EWTC show)

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Faust poster.jpg
Poster for East West Theatre Company's production of play Faust.
Company East West Theatre Company
Genre A play
Date of premiere August 12, 2006
Location BKC (Bosnian Culture Centre), Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina
Creative team
Director Haris Pasovic
Concept Haris Pasovic
Set designer Lada Maglajlic
Amir Vuk Zec
Omar Selo
Graphic Design Bojan Hadzihalilovic
Goran Lizdek
Costume design Kao Pao Shu (Oshyosh)
Light design Haris Pasovic
Semir Ramic
Script fragments Christopher Marlowe
Emil Cioran
Bill Joy
Bertrand Russell
Werner Heisenberg
Haris Pasovic
Translation Senada Kreso
Irena Zlof
Haris Pasovic
Choreographer Denes Debrei
Actors Damir Markovina
Amar Selimovic
Miroslav Fabri
Lidija Stevanovic
Irma Alimanovic
Akira Hasegawa
Jasenko Pasic
Maja Izetbegovic
Aldin Omerovic
Musicians Dino Sukalo
Amar Cesljar
Other information
Production East West Theatre Company
Cooproducers Bosnian Cultural Centre, Tuzla
MESS Festival
Executive Producer Ismar Hadziabdic
Financial Manager Sanela Brcic
Project Coordinator Sanita Ljajic
Official website

Faust is the name of the show produced by the East West Theatre Company and directed by Haris Pasovic.[1] The action is set in the foreseeable future and the script is based on texts by Emil Cioran, Bertrand Russell, Christopher Marlowe, Bill Joy, Werener Heisenberg and Haris Pasovic.[2]

An international cast of actors and musicians have participated in the production which synthesizes drama, contemporary dance, acrobatics and music. Themes of the show include intelligence, politics and greed for knowledge, power and money. East West Theatre Company's Faust poses some of the fundamental questions about intellectual capacities, human measure and ethics.[3]

The plot includes faustian bargain and the democratisation of evil Robots, who in this production, are more conscious than humans. Dr. Faust, the character who agrees to give his soul to the devil in exchange for superhuman powers while he is alive, creates bio-robots which develop the ability to decide for themselves and procreate. The robots, who resemble Ridley Scott's humanoid clones from his classic film "Blade Runner", show more emotion than Faust and abandon him altogether.[4]


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