Faust Is Last

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Faust Is Last
Faust is Last.jpeg
Studio album by Faust featuring Hans Irmler
Released 2010
Genre Krautrock
Length 94:32
Label Klangbad
Faust featuring Hans Irmler chronology
C'est Com...Com...Complique
(2009)C'est Com...Com...Complique2009
Faust Is Last
Something Dirty
(2011)Something Dirty2011

Faust Is Last is the 10th studio album by the German krautrock group Faust, released in 2010 by Hans Irmler's version of the band.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Brumm und Blech"
  2. "Imperial Lover"
  3. "Feed the Greed"
  4. "Chrome"
  5. "Soft Prunes"
  6. "Nachtfahrt"
  7. "Hit Me"
  8. "Dolls and Brawls"
  9. "Drug Wipe"
  10. "Steinbrand"
  11. "I Don't Buy Your Shit No More"
  12. "Babylon"
  13. "X-Ray"
  14. "Cluster für Cluster"
  15. "Day Out"
  16. "Karneval"
  17. "Ozean"
  18. "Softone"
  19. "In But Out"
  20. "GhosTrain"
  21. "Vorübergehen"
  22. "Primitivelona"