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Industry Local Business Search and Advertising
Founded Chicago, IL 60614 in 2007
Headquarters 670 N. Clark St., Suite #2
Chicago, IL 60654

GetFave.com is a business search website for the United States, owned and operated by Fave Media Inc. It was founded in Chicago, Illinois by Jon and Jeff Seymour in 2007 to provide a better way for consumers to search for local businesses and for local businesses to reach the right consumers. Today, GetFave.com receives about 2,000,000 unique visitors monthly.[1][2] As of early 2009, Alexa [1] estimated that the site was growing at rate of 101%,[3] making it the fastest-growing local business search website.


Fave Media initially launched a freeware software program that would look up business listings, local auctions and other information about businesses that its user requested.[4] The software was mainly intended to show consumers only relevant advertising, giving the consumer what they wanted instead of cluttering them with unwanted ads.[5]

In late 2007, the company redesigned its website to directly search business listings, so consumers wouldn't have to download any applications to use Fave. Consumers could now search any business listing online in Chicago, IL. By March 2009, the site expanded to feature all businesses in the United States.[6]

After its national launch, the company abandoned its download application because of the quantity of visits the website was attracting. The company promotes itself as displaying only relevant advertising for consumers, making it easier to find products and services locally. GetFave.com invites business owners to register with the site, allowing them to add and update their business information and display rich media, including video, for free.[7] GetFave.com also provides SEO- based advertising tools for businesses to attract consumers to their company.


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