Faversham miniature railway

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Faversham Miniature Railway
Train passing through brogdale orchard.jpg
Type Miniature railway
Locale Kent
Stations 1
Opened 1985
Operator(s) Faversham Miniature Railway Society
Track length 1 mi (1.6 km)
Track gauge 9 in (229 mm)

Faversham Miniature Railway is a miniature railway built to the unique gauge of 9 in (229 mm).[1] It resides at Brogdale Farm near Faversham, Kent. The railway is maintained and operated by a team of volunteers and opens to paying passengers every Sunday, typically between March & December.


The railway first opened in 1985 in Leysdown with just a single steam locomotive and two passenger carrying cars, and was called the 'Leysdown Coastal Railway'. But in 1987, it was severely damaged by the famous storm and forced to close.[2]

The railway relocated to Norton Ash Garden Centre and became the NAMR. The single steam locomotive was joined by a class 35 Hymek and an electric locomotive named 'Bertie'. After a considerable term at the garden centre, the railway was asked to move once again as its presence did not fit in with the centre's development plans.

It moved to Brogdale Farm in 2001 where it remains to this day.[3]

In 2005, a society was developed by the volunteers in order to secure the future of the railway.

In 2009 a major extension programme began. By March 2012, the extension opened to paying passengers.

Rolling Stock[edit]


# Name Type Builder
2 Robin Steam
3 Bertie Electric Cromar White
4 Class 35 Hymek Petrol Hydraulic Cromar White
5 5 Petrol
6 Fran Petrol
7 7
8 8
9 Kirsty Petrol

Passenger cars[edit]

#2 Daisy[edit]

A sit astride carriage with a guards seat towards the back. 2x4 wheel bogies.

#3 Natalie[edit]

A sit astride carriage with a luggage compartment towards the front. 2x4 wheel bogies.


A simple high capacity sit astride carriage. 2x4 wheel bogies.


A low 4 seater. 2x4 wheel bogies.

The Stations[edit]

  • Brogdale Central Station
  • Plumleigh Station - under construction


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