Favolaschia calocera

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Favolaschia calocera
Favolaschia calocera 38204.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Basidiomycetes
Order: Agaricales
Family: Mycenaceae
Genus: Favolaschia
Species: F. calocera
Binomial name
Favolaschia calocera
R. Heim

Favolaschia calocera, commonly known as the orange pore fungus, is a species of fungus in the Mycenaceae family.[1] First observed in Madagascar,[2] it has recently spread around the world and is now known from New Zealand,[3] Italy,[4][5] Australia,[6][7] Hawaii,[8] Thailand, China, Kenya, Norfolk Island and Réunion Island.[5][6][9] It presents as a bright orange stalked fan, 5 mm–30 mm diameter, with prominent pores on the underside.[10]

It is uncertain whether F. calocera is native to Madagascar or was introduced to the island from Asia.[5] Throughout much of its expanded range F. calocera is now considered an invasive species. It colonizes ruderal sites along transport routes and can become dominant in habitats disturbed by human activity. Mycologists fear that it may be displacing native fungi species as it spreads through the paleotropics.[5]


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