Fawkham Junction

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Gravesend West Line /
Fawkham Junction Line
Gravesend West(1886-1953)
Rosherville Halt(1886-1933)
North Kent Line
to Dartford & Gravesend
UK road A2.svg
High Speed 1
to London St Pancras International & Channel Tunnel
Southfleet Junction
Longfield Halt(1913-1953)
Chatham Main Line
to Swanley & Rochester
Fawkham Junction, shown with other railway lines in Kent.
The High Speed 1 spur as it curves away from the junction and the Chatham Main Line.
The third rail (750 V DC) and overhead (25 kV AC) systems of electrification crossover point.

Coordinates: 51°23′58″N 0°17′08″E / 51.39944°N 0.28556°E / 51.39944; 0.28556

Fawkham Junction is a railway junction that currently connects High Speed 1 with the Kent Rail Network.

Originally the Junction was part of the London, Chatham and Dover Railway's line to Gravesend West (Gravesend which was already served by the South Eastern Railway's North Kent Line). The intermediate stations were: Longfield Halt, Southfleet, Rosherville Halt and Gravesend West. With the amalgamation of the two competing rail companies into the South Eastern and Chatham Railway in 1899, the line's future was doomed. Passenger services were curtailed and the line was not electrified, it eventually closed to passengers in 1953 and freight services eventually ceased in 1976. Preservation attempts failed.

The Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) gave part of the line a new lease of life with the rebuilding of the rural section near Southfleet as a spur linking the CTRL and the Chatham Main Line. Much of the original route was followed but the initial Fawkham Junction was repositioned slightly to allow for higher speeds. Several bridges were also rebuilt alongside or in place of their originals. No stations were reopened. The CTRL was built in two stages and the initial stage (phase 1) was connected to the rail network via this rebuilt line. The completion of phase 2 means this section is no longer used by Eurostar trains. It initially remained in use for engineering, non commercial trains and driver training purposes but is currently used to store cl.373 units awaiting disposal and Fawkham Junction itself is considered out of use.[citation needed]

The line is the changeover between the third rail (750 V DC) and overhead (25 kV AC) systems of electrification.

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