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Fawzi Franso Toma Hariri (1958 in Arbil, Iraq) was Iraq's Minister of Industry (2006-2010). He was sworn in on May 20, 2006. Despite inaccurately being labeled as Kurdish throughout different media reports, Hariri is of Assyrian origin and son of the politician Franso Hariri (1937–2001).[1] Fawzi Hariri lived for 24 years in London where he was active in Assyrian, Kurdish as well as Iraqi Politics. He is a founding member of BNDP - Iraq, and a former member of Assyrian National Congress (ANC) and the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA).

He was appointed Iraq's Minister of Industry, after being elected in the December 2005 elections as a member of the Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan. Prior to that, he was a Senior Diplomat and Chief of Staff of Iraq's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2003 - end 05). An attempt on his life in October 2006 killed three bodyguards and injured 11 others, though Mr. Hariri was not in the traveling convoy at the time of the explosions.[2] The attack in Baghdad, occurred in the mainly Christian quarter of Dora, where twin car bombs went off within minutes.[3] Mr. Hariri holds a BA in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from the UK and speaks 5 languages fluently. He also has 17 years of UK private sector Business and management Development expertise.

Political History[edit]

Era Position
2011 - 12 President of Divan - Kurdistan Regional Government, Erbil, Iraq.
2006 - 10 - Fed. Minister, Industry and Minerals, Baghdad, Iraq.
2005 – 06 Elected member of Iraqi House of Representatives (M.P), Baghdad, Iraq.
2003 - 05 Chief of Staff, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baghdad, Iraq.
2001 - 03 Deputy Head, K.D.P International & Media Relations, Erbil, Iraq.
Dec. 2002 Participated at the London Conference of the Iraqi Opposition, UK.
May 2001 Elected to the Executive Board of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, Spain.
Jan. 2000 Elected to the Secretariat of I.N.C’s Central Council for Assyrians, London, UK.
Nov. 1999 Elected by the Assyrians to I.N.Cs Central Council in New York, USA.
1977 – 99 Active member of Iraqi Student and political opposition Groups, London, UK.

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