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Normal and light Faxe Kondi
Faxe Kondi Ligaen logo

Faxe Kondi is a Danish soft drink produced by Faxe Bryggeri.

Marketed as a sports drink, as it contains both glucose and sugar, as well as caffeine, it has been produced since 1971. Originally it was sold in beer bottles, because Faxe Bryggeri was a beer company.[citation needed]

There is also a light-version, Faxe Kondi Free, and three energy drinks (sold in Denmark only), Faxe Kondi Booster, Faxe Kondi Booster Blue and Faxe Kondi Booster Red.[citation needed]

The Faxe drinks hold a particularly strong market position in Greenland, where it is bottled in Nuuk from concentrate shipped from Denmark. Faxe Kondi holds a 33 percent market share in the country (mean consumption: 42 litres (11 US gal) per capita per annum).[citation needed]

From 1996 to 2001, Faxe Bryggeri sponsored the Faxe Kondi name in the Danish Superliga (as Faxe Kondi Ligaen) and Danish 1st Division (as Faxe Kondi Divisionen).[citation needed]

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