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Faye Windass
Faye Windass.jpg
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Ellie Leach
Duration 2011–
First appearance 24 January 2011
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Present; recurring
Other names Faye Butler
Occupation Student
Home 13 Coronation Street

Faye Windass (also Butler) is a fictional character in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, portrayed by Ellie Leach. She was introduced as a potential adoptive child for Anna (Debbie Rush) and Eddie Windass (Steve Huison) in the episode aired on 24 January 2011.

Faye's early storylines have included being adopted by Anna and Eddie, being the victim and perpetrator of bullying, contacting her birth father Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) and accusing Anna of abusing her. Her later storylines include her falling pregnant at the age of 12 and keeping it secret from her family. Faye's struggling to bond with her daughter, Miley (Erin, Eilah and Elsie Halliwell) results in her giving her up to Jackson Hodge (Rhys Cadman) and reuniting with her as well as developing a relationship with Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni).


Faye is introduced to Anna and Eddie by her social worker, Hilary Pugsley (Caroline Pegg). After several visits, Faye begins to like the Windasses but the adoption is threatened by the revelation that their son, Gary (Mikey North), has been discharged from the army and will be living with them. Despite this, Faye stays the night at the Windasses' for the first time in February. When Faye visits in March, she is annoyed to discover that Eddie and Anna have been searching her bag and she storms out in a mood. Gary, however, speaks to Faye and convinces her that they can be trusted. When Faye stays overnight, Eddie accidentally washes Faye's blanket, she is furious and tells him that it is the only thing that she has to remember her mother by before insisting on returning to her foster home. Faye moves in with the Windass family permanently in April 2011.

When Faye and Anna visit neighbour, Fiz (Jenny McAlpine) and her baby Hope, Faye steals a bag containing £500 that Fiz is keeping secret from husband, John (Graeme Hawley). Faye gives Anna the bag as a gift but Anna finds the money and insists Faye tell her where she got it. Faye admits that she stole it and a box of chocolates from The Kabin and earrings from her foster home that she also gave Anna, making Anna and Eddie worry about Faye's behaviour. Soon after, Anna and Eddie learn from Hilary that Faye's mother has died from a heroin overdose and she urges them to tell Faye. Anna wants to tell her after a picnic that she and Faye had planned but Eddie accidentally tells her.

When Eddie leaves for Germany, Faye thinks it is her fault that he left but Anna reassures her that she is not to blame. When Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote) falls pregnant, Faye tells her father, Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies), making Katy think Anna told him so Anna asks Faye if she was responsible but she denies it. In November 2011, Faye's adoption becomes official but her happiness is short-lived when she discovers that Owen is dating Anna. Faye is scared that Owen will not want her around but Gary, Owen and Anna promise her that nothing will change. In December, Faye wins the role of Mary in the Bessie Street Primary Nativity. Although rather cocky and self-assured of herself in the role, she suffers an onset of nerves just as the curtain goes up and refuses to participate so Katy takes over and gives birth to her son, Joseph, during the production. Baby Joseph is the centre of attention but Faye tells Anna that one baby is the same as any other.

Faye helps Gary to reconcile with Izzy Armstrong (Cherylee Houston) who she knows he still loves. When they unite on Christmas Day, she is very happy for them. Faye kills Owen's fish and when he discovers that she was responsible, he smacks her across the back of her legs. Faye tells Anna what happened and she breaks up with Owen. He and Anna later reconcile but she warns him that he has to make amends with Faye too, which he does and life settles down again. In February 2012, Faye realised that Katy had left Joseph at home alone and convinced Katy to let her look after him whilst she went out to buy nappies. Faye made herself cheese on toast while she was away, but while emptying the bin she accidentally locked herself out with the grill-pan on. Admitting she needed help, she told Owen and Anna. They rescued Joseph from his cot and Owen insisted the baby stay with him but Chesney overruled him and Katy was persuaded to come home and to talk to people if she needed help in future.

Faye is bullied by Lindsay Hayward (Eleni Foskett) for being adopted. Anna notices that Faye is more withdrawn and on checking her computer, finds evidence of bullying and promptly takes it to the school. Headmaster Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) takes it seriously, but worries when he discovers the bully's identity, as Lindsay's grandmother is head of the board of governors. He then tries to dismiss it as childish pranks, leading Anna to remove Faye from school. Knowing what would be expected if the bully was any other child, Brian reports it and Lindsay is suspended. Brian asks Faye to give the school another chance on the promise that Lindsay will be closely watched, which she does.

In February 2013, Anna discovers that Faye is in touch with her birth father Tim Metcalfe, who she hasn't seen since she was two. Neither Anna or Owen are happy with the situation and trying to stop her contacting Tim, Owen even destroys her computer but when Tim learns of this and sees Owen's temper in action himself, he warns Anna that if she persists in trying to keep him out of Faye's life, he will report Faye's family life as unsafe to Social Services. Worried about losing Faye, Anna reluctantly gave in as she had also been advised by her social worker that there was no reason not to allow him access.

Things got settled with the Windass family until April, when Faye tells Anna she wants to live with her dad. Anna confronts Tim about it and Tim says he has no idea about the situation. When Anna comes to pick Faye up again, she refuses to budge, so Anna drags her back home, kicking and screaming. When Faye returns, she screams to Anna and Owen that she hates them and smashes the sterio . Still upset and livid at Anna, she makes a shocking allegation to Brian about Anna hitting her. However, when she gets interviewed by the police, she admits she made it up as she doesn't want Anna going to prison. She explains to Anna that while she will love her forever, she feels different with her father. Anna asks Tim if Faye can live with him temporarily, Tim still doesn't think it's a good idea, but after some persuasion, he agrees, much to Faye's delight.

Tim takes up a temporary job up in Newcastle and Faye is supposed to stay with Anna. Unknown to Anna, Faye is staying in the flat alone. Owen soon discovers Faye on her own when Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) reveals Faye tried to shoplift. In July 2013, Faye decides to go back to Anna's to live. Anna tells Owen to warn Tim off. Owen acts friendly but then grabs Tim's hand and threatens him to leave Weatherfield. In the end Owen and Anna agree to let Tim stay, and he starts a relationship with Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor).

Faye starts Weatherfield High School in September 2013 and makes friends with a girl named Grace Piper (Ella-Grace Gregoire) who appears to be innocent, but actually is a troublemaker who tries to get Faye to become like her. However, Grace soon shows her true colours and encourages Faye to throw stones at Mary Taylor's (Patti Clare) caravan and to torment Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), who has recently suffered brain damage. Grace then forces Faye to put Simon Barlow into a dress and films the incident. Although Faye initially denies any wrongdoing, the video is soon found by Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) and Faye is forced to admit the truth. When the police become involved, Faye admits that Grace has been forcing to her to do things by threatening not to be her friend anymore. Faye is given a caution and tells Anna that her and Grace are no longer friends. Anna reassures her she'll be able to make new friends and she can start to show people she isn't really a bully.

In June 2014, Faye returns home drunk after attending a bowling party. Owen and Gary get into a conflict about the parental responsibility of Faye. Several weeks later, Owen turns bankrupt and debt collectors take the furniture from the Windass's house. As Christmas approaches, Faye and her family move into Peter's old flat. In December 2014, Owen and Gary fight when Katy makes a snide comment about Gary, leading to Gary accidentally breaking Faye's headphones, as part of a Christmas present from her family. Gary promises to make it up to Faye by buying her some new ones.

Faye mentions to Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) that she is being bullied by some girls in her year, as she says that they mock her about her weight. She continues to miss school and starve herself, and after Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) spots Faye in the shopping precinct when she should be in school, Anna pushes Craig to tell her what's happening. Faye tells Anna she was at the precinct to work on a school project, but Katy sees her in the park and catches her trying to smoke when a packet of cigarettes fall out of her bag. Katy is worried for Faye, but sympathetic when Faye reveals she thinks smoking will make her thin. Katy agrees not to tell Anna, but Anna and Owen have already found out about Faye is bunking off school. Faye eventually confesses about the bullying, explaining she kept silent out of fear that Anna would "make a fuss about her". After looking up Faye's symptoms online to find out what's going on with her weight, Craig is suspicious that Faye may be pregnant. Faye takes a pregnancy test, which confirms she is pregnant. Faye is scared and terrified, with only Craig there to support her. Faye watches a birthing video, which worries her. She confides in Craig about her plan to abandon her baby as soon as she gives birth. During her parents' evening, Faye comes face-to-face with the father of her baby, Jackson Hodge (Rhys Cadman) and she runs out of the school hall, upset. Faye has a plan to give birth in Dev Alahan's (Jimmi Harkishin) old flat above the shop and abandon the baby as she planned at the start. Faye and Craig intend on staying in the flat until Faye is ready to give birth, but she goes into labour unexpectedly and feeling scared, she tells Craig to get Anna and Owen. Sophie hears Faye crying in pain and she comes into the flat to find Faye on the floor and in labour. Owen and Anna arrive in time and they discover that Faye is close to giving birth. Faye gives birth to a baby girl whom she names Miley, after singer Miley Cyrus. After the baby is born, Faye refuses to meet, let alone look at her own daughter. Faye and the baby come home from hospital after Faye is interviewed by the police, who she tells about the father is a boy from school. Faye confides in Sophie, revealing to her that the father of her baby is Jackson, who she liked and was devastated to discover that Jackson never liked her back. Faye has the courage to tell Anna about Jackson being the baby's father and Anna arranges a meeting with Jackson and his parents the next day. After accusing Craig of getting Faye pregnant and hitting Kirk Sutherland (Andrew Whyment), Owen is arrested for assault after being reported. The aftermath of Faye's pregnancy and the baby's birth is the main gossip around the street. Owen is let off with a caution after his attack on Kirk and he comes home the next day. Faye comes face-to-face once again with Jackson when he and his parents arrive on Anna's doorstep. Anna breaks the news to the family that Faye has given birth and Jackson is the father of Faye's baby. When Jackson denies being near Faye, let alone having a one-night stand with her, Faye angrily confronts Jackson to tell the truth, but he refuses. Jackson and his family leave after Jackson's mother makes cruel remarks about Faye.

Faye receives a visit from the social worker, who asks Faye how she feels about taking on maternal responsibility of the baby, as she is very young. Faye admits that she is not ready to be a mother and she wants her baby to be adopted, devastating Anna, who blames Faye's outburst on Owen. As Faye comes to terms with her decisions on the baby's upbringing, she discovers that Owen and Anna have split up for good and Owen announces to a distraught Faye that he is leaving Weatherfield to go and live in Scotland. Faye very slowly learns how to care for her daughter and she names her baby girl Miley.

Faye continues to struggle with the responsibility of Miley, as she allows her mother to care for Miley. When Tim allows Faye to go on a school trip, Faye returns afterwards and Anna arrives at the school with Miley and angrily confronts her daughter, as she tells Faye that it is time for her to get her priorities straight and focus on the upbringing of Miley. Now, with the support of Miley's paternal family, Faye slowly learns how to care for her daughter. At Miley's christening, all is proven too much for Faye when she breaks down and admits to her father that she is not ready to be a mother so young. The christening is cancelled by Tim, who is offered a solution to keep Faye and Miley happy; for the Hodges to gain the care of Miley to prevent her from being adopted, as Faye no longer wants Miley to be a part of her life. Tim and Anna discuss the options with Faye, who admits that she could never hate or blame Miley for the recent events, but she does love her and wants what is best for her. In the end, Miley's grandmother collects her and the Windasses are devastated as Miley leaves their family for good. Miley goes on holiday with the Hodges to Canada and when they are due back, Tim tells Anna that their house was up to let. Anna contacts Josie and eventually manages to get hold of her and Anna and Tim discover that they aren't coming back from Canada. Anna and Tim tell Faye and they later ask her if she wants Miley back, but Faye decides that Miley should remain in Canada with the Hodges.

Faye interrupts Craig's date at his house and meets his girlfriend, Caitlin Ryan (Eve Gordon). Craig confides in Faye about his relationship with Caitlin and he doesn't want to take things further as he isn't ready. When Caitlin is due to come round, he cancels it, however, Caitlin visits and Faye encourages him to talk to her. After keeping their relationship secret, Anna and Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) tell Faye they are dating. Faye offers to babysit Jake and her boyfriend, Seb, visits. Anna and Kevin walk in on Faye and Seb and Anna has a go at Faye. Kevin gets Anna to make up with Faye and invite Seb to join them for a family meal. Seb impresses Faye's family and the pair later share a kiss. Faye struggles with Anna being hospital with severe burns and she drinks alcohol. Seb tells Faye that Craig threatened him. Faye steals Pat Phelan's (Connor McIntyre) phone to impress Seb and Anna is furious with Faye for taking it. Faye is taken to a gig by Gary with his girlfriend's, Sarah Platt's (Tina O'Brien), daughter Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon). Bethany lays seductively on Gary's bed and Faye catches her. Bethany gives Faye vodka to keep quiet, but Faye drops hints at dinner. Bethany admits to giving Faye the vodka when she is drunk.

Anna is furious when Faye spends her birthday money on a tattoo and Seb supplied her with fake ID. Faye is taken to the hospital with Gary and Izzy when the tattoo becomes infected and Faye sees Miley and Jackson. Faye takes Jackson and Miley home to see Anna and Tim. Seb assaults Jackson, as he jealous at his closeness with Faye, and is arrested. Anna forbids Faye from seeing Seb, but Faye's step-sister, Rosie Webster (Helen Flanagan), gets Faye to talk to him.


The character of Faye is created as a potential adoptive child for Anna and Eddie Windass. The casting of Ellie Leach was announced in January 2011. Of her casting, her cousin, co-star Brooke Vincent, said "I am chuffed to bits for her. She has made me so happy. We are all thrilled about it and I can't wait to be with her on set to show her around."[1] A show source added "Brooke was behind her all the way and was praying she would get the part - and after Ellie won the bosses over she couldn't contain herself. She was so pleased and happy for her. Ellie-Louise is made of the same stuff as Brooke, which means she'll fit in and get on well with everyone."[2]


Early development[edit]

In November 2011, it was announced that Owen Armstrong, Anna's new boyfriend, would slap Faye whilst Anna was away.[3] The scenes aired in January 2012, watched by 9.5 million viewers and the plot sparked outrage from viewers, with some complaining to ITV and OFCOM. However, the NSPCC said they were glad the show sparked the debate.[4] A spokesman for the show said "[They] did not condone Owen’s actions and that it would have ramifications for his relationship."[5]

In an interview with Daniel Kilkelly, on 9 August 2012, producer Phil Collinson revealed that they are plans to introduce Faye's father[6] and it was later announced, on 28 December 2012, that Faye would begin to find her father in the New Year. A source from the show said about the storyline, "Anna is very hurt that Faye has been secretly contacting her biological dad, she wants a fresh start for Faye that doesn't include Tim, and puts her foot down."[7] Spoiler pictures that were released on 13 January 2013, revealed that Joe Duttine had been cast in the role of Tim Metcalfe, Faye's dad.[8] Tim arrived on 21 January 2013, following weeks of contact with Faye. In March 2013, it was revealed that Faye would tell headteacher Brian Packham that Anna hits her in a bid to live with Tim.[9]

Teenage pregnancy[edit]

On 19 June 2014, it was announced that Faye would fall pregnant at the age of 12. The Sun reported that show bosses are still working on the details of the storyline, including the father of the child.[10] Faye would become the youngest women to fall pregnant in the history of Coronation Street and the storyline began on 13 February 2015.[10] Previously done with Sarah-Louise Platt (Tina O'Brien), producer Stuart Blackburn, said of the differences "What's different this time is that with Sarah Lou, after the initial shock, in some respects life went back to normal for her. With Faye, I think that won't happen. Young girls can come through it and become good parents, but it's devastating."[11] Duncan Lindsay, from Metro, said that the storyline is showing "a whole new vulnerable side to the character" and "pairing her up with the legendary Craig has been a masterstroke and the care he is showing his friend has been beautifully endearing to watch".[12]


For her portrayal as Faye, Leach has been nominated twice for Best Young Performance at the British Soap Awards.[13][14] Leach has also been nominated for Best Young Actor at the 2015 Inside Soap Awards.[15]

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