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Fayez Barakat is an ancient art dealer and owner of The Barakat Gallery, a fifth-generation family-owned business, founded in Jerusalem over 100 years ago.[1] Specialising in classical antiquities, Near Eastern, Biblical, Chinese, Pre-Columbian, Byzantine, Asian, African and primitive arts, the business expanded from a small shop in the Jerusalem Souq into a dealership with global reach, and a presence in most of the world's major art-buying centres.[2]

Current interests[edit]

Whilst Fayez continues to operate within the realms of ancient art, he has since found solace in an old passion: painting. It was the first time he had sat in front of a blank canvas since his teenage years, when he had been first inspired to paint regularly by Pablo Picasso, whom he met briefly in 1960s Jerusalem. His apartment in the new Khalidiya Palace complex is packed with hundreds of paintings and, he says, there are thousands more examples of his work in storage. All his works are classified as abstracts, but he states they are a form of realism.[3]


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