Fayez Ghosn

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Fayez Ghosn
فايز غصن
Minister of Defense
In office
13 June 2011 – 15 February 2014
Prime Minister Najib Mikati
Preceded by Elias Murr
Succeeded by Samir Mouqbel
Personal details
Born (1950-06-28) 28 June 1950 (age 65)
Nationality Lebanese
Political party Marada Party
Spouse(s) Yona Hakim
Children Two
Religion Christian

Fayez Ghosn (Arabic: فايز غصن‎) (born 28 June 1950) is a Lebanese politician, the former minister of defense, and a member of the Marada Movement.

Early life[edit]

Ghosn hails from an Orthodox Christian family, who are among elite families based in North Lebanon.[1] He was born in Kousba on 28 June 1950.[2]


Ghosn is a member of the Lebanon's Christian political party Marada, which is a supporter of Hezbollah[3] and Syria's president Bashar Assad.[4] He is a journalist and businessman.[5] He became a parliament member, representing Koura after winning a seat in the general elections of 2000.[6] He chaired the Lebanese Parliament’s budget and finance committee in 2000.[7] In the 2005 general elections, he was on a list of candidates backed by Michel Aoun.[8] In the general elections of 2009, Ghosn ran for a seat from Koura, but he could not win the election.[9]

He was appointed minister of defense in June 2011.[10][11] He is part of the March 8 coalition[12] and the Change and Reform bloc in Najib Mikati's cabinet.[9] Ghosn's term ended on 15 February 2014 and Samir Mouqbel replaced him as defense minister.[13]


Ghosn is a supporter of Iran, arguing that Iran contributes to stability in the Middle East countries.[14] In December 2011, Ghosn claimed that Al Qaeda militants were entering Lebanon under the guise of Syrian opposition members.[15]

Personal life[edit]

Ghosn is married to Yona Hakim, who is the daughter of former law maker Bakhos Hakim,[5] and has two children.[2]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Elias Murr
Minister of Defense
2011 – 2014
Succeeded by
Samir Mouqbel