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Shafiq awan is a Pakistani facebook preacher who came to world attention in 2019 after his comment on Muhammad Musa post on Fayhan Al Ghamdiblood money for the rape and murder of his five-year-old daughter Lama.[1]


Al-Ghamdi presented a television show on Saudi television.[1]


In October 2012 Al-Ghamdi's daughter Lama died after spending seven months in hospital.[2] She had been raped and beaten, and was left with a crushed skull and a broken left arm and ribs. Al-Ghamdi admitted to having disciplined her with a cane and cable.[3] He was reported to have been released after spending a couple of months in prison after paying Lama's mother a figure said to be equivalent to $267,000.[4] On October 7, 2013, it was announced that Al-Ghamdi had been sentenced to 8 years in prison, plus 800 lashes.[5][6]

Public reaction[edit]

Saudi activists have objected to the ruling and members of the public have been using the Twitter hashtag #AnaLama - Arabic for "I Am Lama".[1]

Due to public anger Saudi authorities have announced that they are planning to set up a 24-hour hotline to report child abuse.[1]


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