Fazil Iravani

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Fazil İrəvani
TitleSecond Sheikh ul-Islam of the Caucasus
Died1885 (aged 102–103)
Muslim leader
Based inTbilisi, Russian Empire
Period in office1846-1862
PredecessorMahammadali Huseinzadeh
SuccessorAhmad Huseinzadeh
PostSheikh ul-Islam of the Caucasus

Fazil Iravani (Azerbaijani: Fazil İrəvani) — Second Sheikh ul-Islam of the Caucasus.

Early life[edit]

Fazil Iravani was born in Yerevan and got his primary religious education in same city. He went on to continue his education in 1802 to Al-Azhar University. He was akhund of Isfahan and Tabriz in his 40s.

Sheikh ul-Islam[edit]

He was appointed as deputy of Mahammadali Huseinzadeh in 1843. He was appointed as Sheikh ul-Islam of the Caucasus prior to former's resignation. He reformed many clerical issues, including taking nikah rights from mosque mullahs and handing it over to more educated akhunds. He resigned his post in 1862. He died in 1885 in very old age. He was succeeded by Ahmad Huseinzadeh.


He was the author of famous novel The Rose and the Nightingale.[1]