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Fazlagić Tower (Bosnian: Fazlagića Kula) is a ruined tower located near Gacko in the east part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fazlagić Tower is approximately six kilometers from Gacko, and is located at the south periphery of Kuljsko Fild. It was built in the 17th century by Ahmed Fazlagić.


  • Fazlagića Kula has been a mosque in time but is not currently.
  • Fazlagića Kula is also known as the last free territory of NDH (Nezavisna Država Hrvatska, Independent State of Croatia), defended by Croats of Islamic faith.
  • The whole area, in which there are nine villages, is called Fazlagića Kula.

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Coordinates: 43°10′N 18°32′E / 43.167°N 18.533°E / 43.167; 18.533