Fazlul Karim (scholar)

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Amir-ul-Muzahidin, Mawlana
Syed Muhammad Fazlul Karim (Rah).
Title Pir Saheb Charmonai
Born Fazlul Karim
Charmonai, Barisal
Died November 26, 2006[1] [71 years old ]
Charmonai, Barisal, Bangladesh
Nationality Bangladeshi
Era Modern era
Religion Islam
Jurisprudence Hanafi
Movement Deobandi
Main interest(s) Political Islam
Notable work(s) Establishing Islami Andolan Bangladesh

Mohammad Fazlul Karim was a scholar, Islamist politician, and founder of Islami Andolan Bangladesh.[2] He started a residential madrassah in Charmonai, Barisal District, southern Bangladesh.

Early life and education[edit]

Maulana Syed Mohammad Fazlul Karim was born in 1935, in Charmanai, Barisal district. After completing his degree in Islamic Studies from Alia Madrasah, Fazlul Karim joined Jamia Qurania Arabia Lalbagh, Dhaka. He completed Dawra e Hadith from this institution in 1957.


Syed Mohammad Fazlul Karim started his career as a teacher at Charmonai Madrasah.[citation needed] In 1987, Fazlul Karim established Islami Shashontantra Andolan.[3][4] He served as the head of the movement till his death in 2006.[1]


After long suffering from diabetes and kidney disease Fazlul Karim died at the age 71 in his own home at village Charmonai in Sadar upazila of Barisal district at November 24, 2006 about 9:40 am. He had two wife's, seven sons and a daughter.[1]


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