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Fcitx in use with the font WenQuanYi Zen Hei Mono
Fcitx in use with the font WenQuanYi Zen Hei Mono
Original author(s)Yuking
Developer(s)Yuking, CSSlayer
Stable release / December 22, 2017; 2 years ago (2017-12-22)
Operating systemLinux, FreeBSD
Available inChinese
TypeInput method

Fcitx ([ˈfaɪtɪks], Chinese: 小企鹅输入法) is an input method framework with extension support for the X Window System that supports multiple input method engines including Pinyin transcription, table-based input methods (e.g. Wubi method), fcitx-chewing for Traditional Chinese, fcitx-keyboard for layout-based ones, fcitx-mozc for Japanese, fcitx-hangul for Korean.

It supports UTF-8, GBK and GB 18030 character encodings, can run in Linux and FreeBSD, and supports XIM protocol, GTK+ (both 2 and 3) and Qt input method modules.

Before version 3.6, Fcitx used GBK encoding internally, which has been changed to UTF-8 in the 4.0 release. Since version 4.1, it has become highly modular, and has added support for Google Pinyin (which was ported from the Android version), fbterm, and KDE.


  • Theme support
  • Systray support
  • Kimpanel support (A D-Bus based protocol for input method user interface, oriented from KDE)
  • KDE Configuration Module Support
  • Global Simplified and Traditional Chinese Conversion support

Available input method engines[edit]

  • fcitx-anthy: A Japanese IME using the anthy engine[1]
  • fcitx-googlepinyin: A Chinese IME using Google Pinyin which is ported from Android.
  • fcitx-handwriting: A handwriting IME using Zinnia as its backend.
  • fcitx-hangul: A Korean IME
  • fcitx-keyboard: An IME based on keyboard layouts
  • fcitx-kkc: Kana Kanji converter, a Japanese IME
  • fcitx-mozc: A Japanese IME using the mozc engine[2]
  • fcitx-m17n: An engine allowing to use the large number of m17n input methods[3]
  • fcitx-pinyin: A Chinese IME
  • fcitx-rime: support for the Rime input method engine[4]
  • fcitx-qw - Flexible Input Method Framework - QuWei engine
  • fcitx-sunpinyin: A Chinese IME using Sunpinyin as its backend.
  • fcitx-table: for many table-based Chinese IMEs, e.g. Wubi and Zhengma
  • fcitx-unikey - A Vietnamese IME using the Unikey engine.[5]

Available separate modules[edit]

  • punc: provides full-width punctuation support for CJK users.
  • chttrans: provides simplified Chinese conversion to traditional Chinese.
  • fullwidth: provides full-width character support.
  • cloudpinyin: provides an extra candidate word from web for all Hanyu Pinyin input methods.
  • fcitx-configtool: A GTK+ application for configuring fcitx.

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