Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi (season 2)

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Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2
Presented by Akshay Kumar
Country of origin India
No. of episodes 16
Location(s) South Africa
Running time 60 minutes (with commercials)
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
Original release 7 September 2009 (2009-09-07) – 1 October 2009 (2009-10-01)
Preceded by Season 1
Followed by Season 3
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Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2 is the second season of India's reality show Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi on Colors.[1] This season is also hosted by Akshay Kumar. It is reported that the tasks which were lined up for Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2 were the most dangerous amongst all Fear Factor shows worldwide.[citation needed] This season was won by Anushka Manchanda who was declared winner on 1 October 2009.

Season summary[edit]

This season features 13 Indian Divas, teamed up with 13 ordinary people and each team competes with the others in order to outdo each other in a series of stunts. Each episode opens up with an opening stunt which all teams have to perform and the best performing team gets the safety band for the next stunt, which means that they will not have to perform the next survival stunt. After the first stunt, there comes the last stunt of the day which is also the survival stunt. The team with the safety band get the immunity and gets away with the stunt but all the other teams have to perform the stunt in order to stay on the show. Whomever performs the worst is eliminated at the end of the episode.


Hassena Status
Anushka Manchanda Winner
Jesse Randhawa Runner-Up
Carol Gracias Second Runner-Up
Rosa Catalano Eliminated
Mandira Bedi Eliminated
Nauheed Cyrusi Eliminated
Rupali Ganguly Eliminated
Bruna Abdullah Eliminated
Shweta Salve Eliminated
Sonika Kaliraman Eliminated
Pia Trivedi Eliminated
Shonali Nagrani Eliminated
Sushma Reddy Eliminated


Stunt 1 – Toofani TUBE – This task was where the celebrity girls were required to pull out ribbons from a massive tube which had water and wind blowing at a speed of 100 miles/hr. The catch was that the tube kept moving like a see-saw and one would lose balance. The only sports celebrity Sonika Kaliraman got hurt while performing this task and got 5 stitches on her chin.

Stunt 2 – Keede PADE – This task involved shifting earthworms and alike creatures from one bowl to another using only one's mouth. One team member head popping out from bottom of bowl and other member had to transfer the creeps from one bowl to other members head (in bowl). Out of Jesse (39 secs with 8 flags) and Shweta (35 secs with 8 flags) Shweta Salve got the safety Band and hence exempt from doing this task. Rosa and her partner performed this task the best with 1min 42 sec. Shonali and her partner got Eliminated from this task with 6min 9 sec.

Episode 2
8 September 2009

Stunt 3 – Thanda Thanda PAANI – The task was to swim through a tunnel of net underwater with one breath and collect as many yellow flags attached to air filled bottles.

Stunt 4 – Pizza Box – this task was to free oneself from a box of cockroaches and spiders where only one's head was locked inside. Nauheed, Piya and Bruna for safety belt from morning task and hence were exempt from doing this task. This task was won by Sonika with 2min 13 sec. Rosa Catalano was eliminated with 6min 58 sec.

Episode 3
9 September 2009

Stunt 5 – Meri Behna PAKDE REHNA – Both member of a team legs are tied to a crane/rod which will rotate 360 degrees and gradually increase speed. Both member are holding a rope connecting each other. Every team is given an option to gulp in 1 glass of Milk each to gain 5 seconds more before performing the task. More glasses drank equally by both member of team the more the seconds.

Stunt 6 – Mendak Wala Paani Aaja Mere Jaani – One member of a team is kept in a tank of water full of frogs. other member with the help of mouth has to fill in U tube to get the key out from bottom of tube. Once the key is out he needs to unlock the lock to get the saw. With this saw he needs to cut apart a rod to free the other member in the tank. Carol, Jesse, Rupali and Anushka get the safety band to perform the earlier task well. Sushma won the task with 8min and 9sec. Bruna got eliminated with 14min 34sec.

Episode 4
10 September 2009

Stunt 7 – Tol Mol KE Dol - Both partners have to balance themselves on a rod and collect yellow flags as much as possible. The rod will be moving like a see-saw.

Stunt 8 – Flush Tank - Contestants have to enter the tank which is kept in the water and attach the yellow flags in the hook insie the tank. Time given for this task was 20 seconds. Jesse won the immunity band for performing the 1st task well. Sushma was eliminated!!

Episode 5
14 September 2009

Stunt 9 – After seeing Sushma give up, others had also started developing a fear for such stunts. But this is Fear Factor and both the partners took the stunt head on. While Jesse, Anushka and Carol kept gasping for breath. Pia’s partner Jatin and Shveta’s Partner Ali panicked and could not go underwater at all. Ali, instead of focusing removed his frustration on the stunt.

Stunt 10 – Gas Trouble – Only one couple was able to successfully complete stunt one and was rewarded with a safety band. Stunt two was a time based reaction stunt. It was going to be tougher than the earlier one and to gain strength the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ was recited. It was a gas chamber stunt and all the contestants came out in tears. Rupali fainted as she was asthmatic and could not go on. Nauheed and Fahad set a world record with their timing for this stunt. The host of this show Akshay Kumar performed this stunt to set an example for the contestants. Pia Trivedi lacked in their teamwork and had to leave the game.

Episode 6
15 September 2009

Stunt 11 – Stunt one was a time based partnered stunt. The partners would be suspended on a disk and hand cuffed to the pole. The task was to unlock their hand cuffs and jump in the water below. The challenge was the constantly swinging disk. Almost everyone had a bad fall when they hit the water and Sonika, again, got hurt on her chin. Jesse scrapped her thigh due to the jump. Mandira fell on her chest and had a blackout for a couple of seconds. Everyone had performed very well but only one worthy contestant got the safety band.

Stunt 12 – Stunt two was a time based individual stunt. The girls were supposed to pick flags from the top of a revolving car. This demanded extreme balancing skills coupled with focus and grip. Rupali was chosen to go first. This stunt turned out to be as difficult as it looked and soon everyone realized that only their better judgment could save them. Sonika lost her cool and could not do the stunt well. Carol and Goonj were evicted.

Episode 7
16 September 2009

Stunt 13 – Stunt one of the day was a time based partnered stunt. Both the partners had to criss -cross on ropes which were tied parallel to each other at the bottom of an airborne chopper.. The stunt was to collect as many flags. This one, though it looked easy, was not. Rupali was the first to go to perform the stunt and was the least successful in finishing the stunt.. Jesse’s partner, Sandeep and Sonika’s Partner, Janice also failed to maintain their grip.

Stunt 14 – In the second stunt the partners had to collect pieces of a flag and one by one hoist it on top of the truck. Sonika and Janice were the first ones to go. Shveta’s partner Ali, took a very long time to get started and could not finish the stunt. Jesse and Sandeep had a mishap and could not complete the stunt. Rupali and Sandeep changed their strategy at the last minute and they had to leave the game.

Episode 8
17 September 2009

Re-entry Wild Card

The 6 pairs will compete against each other to get back into the game. But only the top four will make it back into the show. Sushma and Swapnesh were not given another chance as they were disqualified in their exit stunt.

Stunt 15 – Chuti To Phuti – Stunt one was a time based stunt. All the girls were to balance on a single rope tied from one pole to the other and those who stayed on the longest, were rewarded with a safety band. Four girls were disqualified as they could not balance themselves on the rope for long. Some of girls bruised their hands while holding on to the rope and Bruna was one of the girls who stood at the top for the longest in spite of an injured shoulder.

Stunt 16 – Head Master – Only Carol got the safety band. The second stunt of the day was also a time based stunt. The girls, with their heads inside an octopus/water filled glass helmet, were supposed to unscrew it and set themselves free. Most girls could not successfully complete the stunt due to nervousness and fear. Pia too panicked and took some extra time regaining her control. The timing would decide who would have to leave the game forever. Two pairs would go home tonight and only four would join the fight against their fears. Shonali, Carol, Bruna and Rosa were back in the game with their partners, after performing well in the comeback episode. Rupali-Sundeep and Pia-Jatin had to leave the game.

Episode 9
21 September 2009

Stunt 17 – Chipka Chipki- Stunt one of day 9 was a time based partnered stunt. It was reaction stunt where the contestants were to handle slimy hag fish. The first to perform were Shveta and Ali. They, along with Mandira and Arjun, were given warnings for mishandling the fish. Bruna found this task very unnerving and had the jitters even after it was over.

Stunt 18 – Stunt two was a partnered action stunt. Three pairs were rewarded with the safety band and exempted from doing this stunt. It demanded immense strength and human endurance. One partner was supposed to hang upside down on a cable and the other was to hold on to them. The cable would transport them from one building’s rooftop to another. On the rooftop were flags buckled to the ground which they were supposed to transfer to the other rooftop. The first to go again, were Shveta and Ali. Rosa and Mandira could not complete the stunt and Anushka unintentionally broke the rules of the game. Mandira and Arjun was evicted from the show.

Episode 10
22 September 2009

Stunt 19 – Mt Neverest – Stunt one was a time based individual task where a rotating wall was suspended above the sea. The wall had supports to hold on to. The contestants were supposed to walk on it as it rotated, increasing the speed with every rotation. Mostly the partners chose to do this stunt. Shveta was very disappointed with Ali’s performance. Jassi’s partner Sandeep scraped his arm. Although this stunt was strenuous and tiring, it was a thrilling experience for all. Everyone had performed very well but only two worthy contestants got the safety band.

Stunt 20 – Jurassic Tank – where both members of each team had to get into an Acrylic cabin filled with Snakes, Chameleon, Iguana, etc. all possible type of Lizard/reptile. Each person had to with the help of Magnet transfer the coloured buttons from bottom to above holes. Nauheed and Anushka got the safety belt and henceforth exempt from doing this task. Carol also broke down during the task which added to her timing. Shveta fainted seeing these reptiles, but was daring enough to attempt it. She conquered her fears and finished the task successfully. Shweta was eliminated in this task as she took the max time to finish this task.

Episode 11
23 September 2009

Stunt 21 – Okhli Me SAR – Both members of the team have their inside a joined cabin. There are 4 keys that needs to be transferred from mouth to mouth inside the cabin and open the locks up. The cabin is filled with big and small roaches, scorpions, spiders, grasshoppers, etc.

Stunt 22 – Der aaye BULLDOZER AAYE – This is where the Celebrity participant needs to start the car by inserting 4 keys in right sockets. Once all 4 keys are inserted and turn on all 4 lights. Once done she then needs to press the Red button, speed in hit the gallon. All this needs to be while the tractor approach her to push the car down the hill. Only Shonali manages to start the car in time and drive up hence won the task. Nauheed, Jesse, Rosa and Carol for Safety Belt and hence were exempt from doing this task. Shonali was the worst performer of earlier morning task (Stunt 21). Sonika & Janice got eliminated as Sonika could not hit the any light with the key.

Episode 12
24 September 2009

Stunt 23 – Dag Mag Dole

Stunt 24 – BridgeWasi – Bruna and Alok evicted from the show

Episode 13
28 September 2009

Stunt 25 – Dimag ka Dahi – Stunt one was a time based partnered stunt. The pairs were chained together with four different coloured locks. There were four drums on which large bowls filled with rotten fish, chicken legs, live worms, etc. were placed and at the base of the bowl was placed a dial with a four digit code written on it in a particular colour. Pairs had to match the colour of the code with the lock and unlock it. The contestants only with the help of their head could move the filling of the bowl to read the code. Only in the last drum could the partners prompt each other about the code. The one good thing was that the partners had to do it alternately since it was a gross and stinky stunt. Rosa was very upset with her partner’s performance and so was Akshay. Overall most of them performed well. Three contestants got the safety band for this stunt.

Stunt 26 – Without Ticket – Stunt two was a time based individual stunt. Only the girls had to do it. This stunt required them to sit in the cockpit of a plane which would fly to a 4000 ft altitude. The girls had to come out of the cockpit and get onto the wing holding the rope tied across and walk to the tip of the wing. At the end was a red button which they had to press and walk back the same way. The stunt would end once they reached the cockpit and gave the co-passenger a high five. This was one of the most dangerous tasks in Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2. The girls who did the stunt found it scary but enjoyed the experience. The challenge was to fight the wind and move forward. Shonali Nagrani had to leave the game.

Episode 14
29 September 2009

Stunt 27 – Sar jo tera Takraye – Stunt one was a time based individual stunt called Pendulum. This stunt only the girls have to perform. Anushka sings while performing the stunt.

Stunt 28 – Two Wheel Truck Ramp: the second stunt was performed after two immunities for the first. While all the girls went for glory some crashed their machines while the others proved that they were up for this challenge and many more to come. Nauheed Cyrusi had to leave the game in this episode.

Episode 15
30 September 2009

Stunt 29 – Agar Magar – The stunts are getting dangerous and challenging by the day. But the four remaining pairs seem to be ready for any challenge that comes their way. Stunt one was a time based partnered stunt. In this the pairs had to jump into a swimming pool full of crocodiles and pull out as many as they could in three minutes. They had to catch the crocodiles by the tail, pulling them by their limbs was not allowed. Prashant got injured on his toe by a crocodile and Gurmeet got injured on his face and felt giddy after doing the stunt, he was administered medical help. They all performed well and the hunger for the safety band became more visible. Anushka and Jesse got the safety band.

Stunt 30 – Chakke pe Chakka – Stunt two was also a time based partnered stunt. This stunt had a moving truck with a ramp and a car following it with a ramp fixed on its top. There was a gap between the car and the truck which had to be bridged by the contestant driving the car. Another car followed driven by the partner which had to be drive up the ramp and parked on the truck. The contestants Rosa and Carol successfully completed the stunt and the timing made all the difference. Rosa and Prashant were evicted in this episode.

Episode 16
1 October 2009

Stunt 31 – Lambe Khambe – Stunt one was a time based partnered stunt. There were six very tall and narrow towers placed parallel to each other which the pairs had to climb. Both the contestant and the partner had to start climbing at the same time one from the extreme left and the other from the right. After getting on top the inner most towers they had to exchange the flags, go back to their towers and place back the new flag. This process had to be repeated till all the flags were exchanged and replaced on the tower. This had to be completed in ten minutes. This was a very challenging stunt because the towers were very high and their width was very less which made it very difficult for the pairs to balance themselves on the top of the tower. There were no safety bands given instead there were power bands that gave the contestants the power to decide the order in which the contestants would attempt the task.

Stunt 2 – Final Flight – Stunt two was also a time based individual stunt. Only the girls had to do it. The contestants had to ride quad bikes off the edge of a high rise building. The quad bikes had to land at a target point on the ground decided by the pairs. The task was challenging because they had to strategically fall off to make sure the bikes landed on the mark.


The winners of Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2 were announced on 1 October 2009 in Mumbai. The second season of the show has everything in double, right from grisliness till the excitement.

Anushka Manchanda got the first rank in Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2.[2] Jesse Randhawa got the 2nd Rank and Carol Gracias got the 3rd Rank.


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