Fear and Bullets

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Fear and Bullets The soundtrack to the graphic novel The Crow
Fear and Bullets cover.jpg
Soundtrack album by Trust Obey
Released 1994, re-released in 1999
Genre Alternative rock, Punk rock, Industrial rock, Gothic rock
Label Nothing
Producer John Bergin, James O'Barr
The Crow soundtrack chronology
Fear and Bullets
The Crow

Fear and Bullets was an album created through a collaboration between James O'Barr and longtime friend John Bergin as a soundtrack to O'Barr's graphic novel The Crow. It was originally released in 1994 along with a limited edition hardcover copy of the graphic novel. The release also coincided with the publicity received from the film.

In 1999, Fear and Bullets was re-released with almost all the songs completely re-recorded or remixed, and the addition of two new tracks. The release included previously unreleased drawings by O'Barr.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lead Poisoning" - 5:55
  2. "Seven Blackbirds" - 11:02
  3. "A Murder of Crows Featuring Patrick McBride " - 1:36
  4. "The Tides of Sin" - 9:19
  5. "C17H19N03" - 1:53
  6. "Fear and Bullets" - 5:54
  7. "Sleeping Angel (The Dreaming) Featuring Patrick McBride " - 6:56
  8. "True Love Always" - 4:18
  9. "The Blessing of the Pig" - 11:41
  10. "The Crow" - 9:07
  11. "Now, Forever" - 4:21